Whoops! #1

While building any project, there is always the possibility of mistakes, incorrect parts, and broken or missing pieces. This Eaglemoss 1:8 scale Back to the Future DeLorean model build has proven no different. As you can see in the photo above, my Reactor Core Lid from Issue 04 was in pretty bad shape straight out of the package with numerous nicks in the paint.

I have seen and heard many criticisms from all over the world regarding how Eaglemoss handles problems just like this. Now, I realize customers online can be very vocal when they are not happy. This is especially true of high cost items such as this model. As the DeLorean was released fairly recently in the US, I saw this predicament as an opportunity to experience Eaglemoss American customer service for myself. So, on a Tuesday afternoon, I called their Customer Service number and hoped for a positive outcome.

About eight minutes later, I had an entire replacement issue on the way. No hassle, no long wait, no argument.

The next day, I received a shipment notification email. Eight days later, I received the replacement Issue 04 parts in perfect condition. For me, this was handled extremely well. Time will tell if I encounter any other problems, but this time they did it right!

I even discovered a few additional details about the subscription service on that same call:

  • The issues ship every 25-28 days (not truly every calendar month)
  • You can suspend and resume the subscription at any time (say, you can’t afford it for a while)
  • You can’t buy all the available issues at once
  • They don’t replace individual parts from an Issue; they just replace the entire Issue
  • They don’t expect the faulty Issue to be returned

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