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  1. On your screws page altogether I count 38 differant kinds of screws, are those all of the ones that come with the kits or do they also include screws that come in the different mods also? The plastic organizer that you showed is it big enouph for them all? And lastly I see as far as screw drivers most of the screws go in with the driver provided in kit #1. What other size drivers will I need? Thanx again for all the info and help!

    1. I have listed all the different size screws that come with the kit on this page. Any screws for mods are not included.

      No, the organizers I use only have 32 compartments, so the last few screw types are still in their bags in one compartment. Not a big deal.

      As for screwdrivers, the ones supplied with the model are ‘OK’, but you will encounter screws that are better suited for a PH00 or PH000 screwdriver that is not included. I recommend the Wera Kraftworx brand as I have tried a few kinds and love the Wera stuff.

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