The End?

We just recently finished building up our 1:8 scale Back to the Future DeLorean partwork model. But really, there is still more to do. An entire extension of 29 more issues is waiting for us!

A little ‘Behind the Scenes’ for the header photo

Photography has always been one of my passions and I thought I would try to take a cool picture of my model with the on-board lighting doing its thing. First, I had to shutdown my big soft box lights I use for normal build photos, break out my flashes, and start experimenting:

Next, in order to make the lights on the car ‘pop’ more, I used a longer exposure without the flashes active:

Finally, I combined all of these elements plus some colored gels on the flash heads to get to this. It was just for fun, but I liked it!

9 thoughts on “The End?”

  1. Looks great! And thank you for this really detailed guide to your build. So helpful to see the design choices you’ve made.

    I finished my build a couple of months ago and am now going back and adding my own additional mods. Are you going as far as 1950’s tyres? My ideal state of the DeLorean for my model is the 1950’s version with those wheels (sort of a arrange quality TBH from Eaglemoss) but I kind of only want to go there if there’s a way of replicating the heightened suspension of the hero car. To add to the complexity I also want to be able to switch back to other versions so I might have to simply create another chassis for that.

    Anyway, really helpful site again. Well done!

    1. Thank you! I have the 1950s whitewalls, but I am not going to use them. The car is going to stay the way it is now, but I will build out the rest of the issues to show how it is done.

  2. Just finished mine yesterday. Your website was a great source of information during my build, very helpfull. Thanks for this.

    1. I have all of the remaining issues, now it is just finding some time to build them, take the pictures, and write the articles!

  3. How many orders of Mike Lane’s mini cable ties did you order to complete it. Because it looks like it has to be more than once

    1. I used two white sets and one black set for the DeLorean. There were spares left over of both colors and I used some of the black ties on the Ecto-1 already. I also have another white set just in case.

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