Static Cling Window Protectors

Ever since I installed the front windshield into our 1:8 scale Back to the Future DeLorean model back in Issue 62, I have been worried about scratching it. Fingerprint oils and even dust can damage plastic over time. As a basic protection layer, I put some strips of painter’s tape together and cut them into the shape of the windshield:

While this ‘tape’ solution worked pretty well, it has had some drawbacks. It is not meant to last, the tape adhesive itself could damage the plastic if left in place long enough, you cannot see through it, and the more it is removed and replaced, the more it falls apart.

Then, as I was installing the windshield into my 1:8 scale Nissan GT-R (R35) build, I noticed it had these thin, clear vinyl protective films on the inside and outside of it:

I actually ‘stole’ the interior film and started using it on the outside of my DeLorean windshield instead of the blue tape. If only someone would produce this kind of removable protection for our DeLoreans… Well, it turns out, someone has!

Our good friend, Mike Lane, has recently started offering his Static Cling Window Protectors!

This kit includes pre-cut, adhesive free, clear vinyl films for all of your model’s windows: a windshield film, both side window films (upper and lower sections), as well as wet/dry cleaning cloths. It is really difficult to take pictures of clear vinyl on white backing, but I tried my best!

Installation is as simple as you can imagine. Simply clean the plastic surface with the wet cloth, then the dry cloth, then peel the appropriate film from the paper and smooth it across the ‘glass’. Here is the windshield film in place.

The bubbles underneath are normal and will reduce over time. Also, I was not trying for a perfectly clear application as I will be removing these films for any issue’s featured photographs. That means they will be going on and coming off a lot until I finish the car!

The side windows are applied in exactly the same way.

I installed these after I completed Issue 110, but they can be added any time after the windows are installed:

These Static Cling Window Protectors are easier to work with than the tape, they more durable, they do not use any adhesives that might damage the window plastic, and they are transparent! At the time of this writing, Mike only has these for the DeLorean model, but I imagine he will be making these for many other models, such as my Ghostbusters Ecto-1. I hope so, because I 100% recommend them!