RR DeLorean Decals

My first mod has arrived! These are the wet transfer DMC DeLorean decals from Roy Fitzsimmonds at Rail-Road Models in the UK.

Our 1:8 scale Back to the Future DeLorean model is missing almost every one of these labels. This may be because they are not specific to the film car, but to the DeLorean automobile in general. I saw them mentioned online a while ago and knew they would add another level of realism to my own build. Now that I have see them with my own eyes, the quality is excellent and even more detailed than I expected!

Rail-Road Models provides a set of both 1:8 and 1:6 scale decals together. The 1:6 versions are likely for owners of the Hot Toys DeLorean product, but you can use either size as you see fit. Decal placement and usage instructions are also included. And, if the screw holes in your Mr. Fusion are driving you mad, you can opt for his printed wrap around sticker to cover them up. Both can be purchased for about $20 USD.

I am looking forward to getting them on the car and sharing them with everyone!

UPDATE: Since Mike Lane came out with many of these decals in an easier peel-n-stick format, I will be using Mike’s first. However, there are some of these RR Decals I will still utilize. Here is a listing of where these RR DeLorean Decals have been installed so far:

DecalUsed in Issue(s)
Oil Filter18

2 thoughts on “RR DeLorean Decals”

  1. Quick question: is the oil filter decal from RRM the same as the one from Mike Lane (stickers look different but put in the same place), i think its sticker 19 when you purcase the complete set I.

    1. I believe they are different, which is OK as who knows what brand of oil filter was on the car. I do however prefer Mike’s stickers to the RRM water slide decals.

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