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As we all know, in the first Back to the Future film, Emmett ‘Doc’ Brown originally powered his DeLorean time machine with some ‘misappropriated’ Plutonium. Doc stored this highly radioactive material in a bright yellow storage case adorned with plenty of warnings.

We catch a glimpse of this case right in the opening scene of Doc’s garage where Marty’s skateboard rolled across the floor and bumped into it under the bed. I think that was a beautiful example of foreshadowing by director Robert Zemeckis and the writers:

Image by Universal Pictures.

The next time the case appeared is in the scene after Doc had just sent his dog Einstein through time. It was sitting next to the box truck and he later reached into it to grab a fuel rod to refuel the DeLorean:

Image by Universal Pictures.

After I complete my 1:8 scale Back to the Future DeLorean partwork model I wanted to have a secure way to both transport and display it. I thought if I could find a prop case like the one in the film, it would be perfect! Over the last two months, I began searching high and low for a  case like this. Finally, after many disappointments, I found one specifically produced for this purpose AND it is just big enough to hold the completed model.

Based in the United Kingdom, Swan Flight creates these cases for £299.88 GBP. With the US conversion rate and shipping, it ended up being just over $500 USD delivered. I was worried about the hefty cost until the case arrived today. It is fantastic and was worth every penny! You can even customize it with a simple 3mm foam liner (like I did), or with foam cutouts for plutonium canisters (not included) if you so choose.

This case is incredibly well-designed and constructed of laminated panels with metal edging. The color is perfect with strong latches and a piano hinge at the rear. They even include all the decals needed to turn it into Doc’s case, but you will need to apply them yourself.

I can’t say enough how excited I was when I opened this up and got the decals finished. To me, it is just a work of art!

I used the life-sized poster included with the 1st Issue to see if the car will fit. And it should, just barely. I will have some custom foam inserts created to cradle and protect it. It is deep enough that I might even have an insert custom made to hold some replica plutonium canisters above the car so that is all you see when you open it. We shall see…

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6 thoughts on “Plutonium Case”

    1. Sure, 580mm x 430mm x 350mm and it weighs about 10kg. The finished car just fits inside with the 3mm foam lining.

      1. Thank You Very Much.
        I was going to ask what was it lined with if you got back to me.
        If you can do One, Maybe, Two more things. I believe I know already.
        1. Is it made of wood? or as I believe painted Aluminum?
        2. Would you be able to take one more photo. This time, a close-up on the “Open Edge”.

        Again,. Thank You Very Much for the measurements and if you don’t have time or just don’t want to do anything else and think,
        “What’s with this guy? He doesn’t know when to stop asking for things. What does he think, I have nothing else better to do ?”

        When I do make this, I will let you know and send you photos & Email You Detailed instructions.

  1. Again , Thanks for getting back to me.
    I knew you didn’t create the case, you said you purchased them in the Original Description and gave a link to the Company and while I was waiting patiently, wondering if you were going to get back to me or you were just gonna leave me to figure it out for my self.
    It was then a light bulb💡went off in my head. Why don’t I use that link to the Company that you purchased it from, the link in the description in the Original discription, so I did. (I don’t even know what I am saying anymore🤪)
    What I found out
    1 It’s not made of Aluminum (I guessed wrong but that’s good because price wise aluminum was the most expensive).
    2 it’s not made of wood
    3 and the Winner is “Rigid PVC Laminate”

    So what I still need.
    1 What I can’t see in the pic is “Texture”. Is the panel perfectly smooth or textured?
    2. Lip of Case. – The picture you Posted showing it opened, if you could zoom in on the right side in that picture that would be great. I will be able to see a cross section of the top aluminum edge and I should be able to calculate the thickness.
    3 if you could give me one more measurement and I won’t ask for anything else. If you could measure that aluminum edge that I said I could calculate.

    Again, Thank you in Advance,
    (I hope you know I’m trying my hand at humor, I’m not actually crazy, I don’t 🤔)


    1. The sides are very smooth. As for the thickness of the sides/lips, you might want to ask ask Swan Flight. My case is buried under a table with too much stuff in the way to dig it out right now.

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