More Mike Lane Mods!

I cannot seem to get enough of the modifications Mike Lane creates for our 1:8 scale Back to the Future DeLorean model.

I had been racking my brain thinking of ideas on how I would tie up the decorative wiring when I got to those issues. And wouldn’t you know it, Mike comes along and creates 1:8 scale Mini Cable Ties in both white and black! I was ordering his Decal Set III anyway, so I picked up two sets of the cable ties in white.

I have since gone back to my Issue 02 and Issue 04 pages and added some of his mods such as: the rear bumper vent decals (Decal Set III) and the reactor lid radioactive symbol transfer (Decal Set II), respectively.

Head on over to the new Mike Lane Mods website to get yourself a treat too!

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