On our 1:8 scale Back to the Future DeLorean, they neglected to include a very prominent detail on the reactor deck of the model.

As you can see below on the ‘A’ Car, there should be three bronze Cannon elbow plugs with cables forward of the red capacitors on the left rear of the car:

There are a few mod suppliers that provide a solution for this. However, I ended up going with this 1:8 Scale Cannon Set from Model Modz. It consists of bronze-colored cast metal (not 3-D printed) Cannon plugs as well as black vinyl tubing for the cabling:

To install these, I first super glued the cables over a small pin inside each plug:

Next, for added detail, I wrapped the hoses together using Mini Cable Ties from Mike Lane:

Then, I had to cut the large pin off the end of each plug and sand them smooth. I believe these pins can be used if you were to drill holes in your Engine Surround for a more secure mounting point. Since my car build is complete, that is not an option for me:

Instead, with some patience and tweezers, I super glued each of the plugs into approximate place:

Finally, I ran the hose bundle over to the right forward corner of the Reactor Platform as per the real car:

And that’s it! It is little products like this from our mod community that really brings these models to life! Thank you all!