Model Modz is a business based in the UK and operated by the infamous Corrie Hollingsworth and Chloe Powell. They have both been instrumental in creating some of the most amazing modifications for the 1:8 scale Back to the Future DeLorean model by Eaglemoss. These are just some of the great products I am plan on using from them and, as they are installed, I will add links here:

Product NameUsed in Issue(s)
The Dashboard Mod (custom version of Mike Lane’s piece)44
The EL Light Mod59, 98
The Flux Capacitor Mod58
The Power Mod34
The Wireless 1 to 6 Switch ModAnytime after 56
The XMAS Tree Mod59

If you would like any of these items, please order them via the Model Modz website.

The following is a recent list of items they create. All photos courtesy of Model Modz:

  • Display Case

  • The Flux Capacitor Mod

  • The Xmas Tree Mod

  • The Radio Mod

  • The Power Mod

  • The EL (Electroluminescent) Light Mod

  • The Dashboard Mod

  • Car Mats

  • Miniature Paper Props