All of the vehicles on display at the Petersen Automotive Museum in Los Angeles, CA have a placard displaying details about the vehicle’s history and specifications. This includes the restored DeLorean ‘A’ Car from Back to the Future. Since Eaglemoss does not include any type of display like this with our models, Mike Lane decided to recreate the actual Petersen display in 1:8 scale!

His Museum Stand is crafted from aluminum and is surprisingly accurate, from the clearly legible text…

…to the shape and color of the stand itself:

It even has a felt base to keep your display area free from scratches. I cannot even begin to describe how amazing this stand is in person.

Now I can’t wait to finish the model so I can proudly use this Museum Stand to show off the car. Head on over to my Mike Lane page to find links to his site to pick one up for your build too!

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