Before we get into Issue 91 and closing up our 1:8 scale Back to the Future DeLorean, I wanted to get one final interior mod installed. In a real DeLorean, and in the screen-used ‘A’ car seen in the image below, there are rubber wear pads on the driver side floor and center console. Unfortunately, the model does not even supply the carpet for our model, much less these pads:

Whether or not you have the Carpet Set installed like I do, you can add these Heel and Toe Pads from Mike Lane to your own build to recreate the look and feel of the real DeLorean. In this kit, Mike supplies two molded flexible rubber pre-cut pieces with self-adhesive backing:

The installation is extremely simple. We just remove the backing paper, apply these to the interior, and they stick right into place. On my build, this is where I applied them:

These pads are great! The look and feel exactly like the real thing. This is a quick and simple mod to add some authenticity to our DeLorean. Even if you decide to install floor mats in your car, these mats do still exist underneath them so they are quite accurate.

Thanks once again to Mike Lane!

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