Bill Will Green creates detail modifications for the 1:8 scale Back to the Future DeLorean partworks model. I appreciate his effort on these designs as they really help clean up the model. He is also an active supporter of the  Build the BTTF DeLorean – 1:8 Custom Parts Facebook Group. You can reach out to him for availability/pricing via the Facebook links on this page or via his email at:

Most of Mr. Green’s products are molded from super-thin 0.25 mm polystyrene and painted with Plastikote grey primer that closely matches the colors of the real car. Each part includes self-adhesive tape that is pre-applied for easy installation.

Here are a few of the  Bill Will Green mods I will be using:

Seat Back Covers

These seat back covers are used in Issue 50 and Issue 51 to cover up the exposed screw holes.

Headliner Covers

The headliners are used in Issue 70 and Issue 74 to cover up the exposed screw holes. Bill throws in a 1:8 scale Clock Tower flyer as well.

Spare Tire Cover/Jack Handle

The Spare Tire Cover is used in Issue 110 to cover the spare wheel (which is not accurate). It also includes a 1:8 scale metal Jack Handle and wipes to remove the white lettering from the tire.

13 thoughts on “BILL WILL GREEN”

  1. Hi,

    I want to buy Headliner Covers and spare tire cover / Jack handle, and i’m leave in the south of France; how I can buy this ?


  2. Is there any chance to reach Bill without having a Facebook account?
    I would like to order some mods from him, but I will not register to Facebook.

    Btw. Thank you very much for this site! I am building the beast too, and love your mods such I always realize, at first the hints to the right coloring.
    Regards Christoph

    1. Thanks for the kind words! Unfortunately, Bill only provided his FB account as a contact point. If you would like, I can pass a request on to have him contact you via the email you provided in your comment.

      1. Oh, that would be very kind of you!
        I would buy all his verynice mods for the seats and the spare Tire, the Jack Handle is very nice also!
        So, please send him my email-adress!
        Regards Christoph

  3. J’ai commandé à Bill depuis le 1er septembre et à ce jour toujours rien il ne répond même pas à mes mails. (ENGLISH: I ordered from Bill since September 1st and to this day still nothing he does not even answer my emails.)

    1. Je ne crois pas que Bill lise cette page et je n’ai pas d’autre moyen de le joindre. Ce n’est pas son site. (ENGLISH: I do not believe Bill reads this page and I have no other way to reach him. This is not his site.)

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