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My first set of products from Model Modz has arrived! I had heard about Corrie and Chloe’s amazing before I even started the build of this  1:8 scale Back to the Future DeLorean build. And within a week after my first issues shipped, I placed an order. They are so busy it takes a while, but they are well worth the wait! This first order consists of:

This will not be the last order I place with them either. They just keep coming up with great ideas and details! I still have a couple of months to go in the build before I need them, but will be including a lot more details as the parts are installed.

Thanks again to Model Modz!

7 thoughts on “Model Modz!”

  1. Hi! Is any way to install the Flux Capacitor without “expanding” the hole where it goes the cable (As it does it in Wayne’ world)?

    1. I have not install the ModelModz Flux yet, but I am pretty sure the hole has to be bigger to let the plug pass through the bulkhead.

  2. I’m so excited to have ordered the flux and tree! I already got the power modz, I just have to install it. I’m building it kind of slowly, however once the pieces come, I’ll be excited to see them first hand. I already know I won’t be disappointed. Thanks to MM and the amazing Chloe and Mike!

  3. I have all the above mods. After assembling all mods nothing worked. Do you have any suggestions on testing each component ie power mod first, flux and Christmas tree? Thank you in advance for your time!!

    1. It could be a few things, but I would check that there is 5VDC at the power mod connection, then check the polarity of the power plug on the circuit board. Then, it is a matterof checking all other connections for correct polarity and seated fully. Lastly, check for any pinched wires that may be shorting out.

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