Issues 74-77 Delayed

For the last month or two, I have seen a lot of other builders online saying that Eaglemoss has been unable to supply issues 74-77 for their 1:8 scale Back to the Future DeLorean partworks model. At least one builder has been waiting 8 months for them! I was hoping this back order would be fixed before I got to this point in my build, but I was wrong. My most recent delivery of eight issues included 67-73 and 78, skipping those four issues.

This is the third time my build has been affected by unavailable issues. I suppose it is a good thing that they sent the next issue (78) in the build without stopping the subscription all together like before. I might be able to continue past them for a while. We shall see how this all works out… more to come!

UPDATE Jan 17, 2020: Yesterday, I received a shipping notification for the following issues:

DELUK081C x   1 – Delorean Build Up Issue 81
DELUK082C x   1 – Delorean Build Up Issue 82
DELUK083C x   1 – Delorean Build Up Issue 83
DELUK089C x   1 – Delorean Build Up Issue 89
DELUK091C x   1 – Delorean Build Up Issue 91
DELUK093C x   1 – Delorean Build Up Issue 93
DELUK094C x   1 – Delorean Build Up Issue 94
DELUK098C x   1 – Delorean Build Up Issue 98

As you can tell, there are a lot of issues missing. I spoke to Eaglemoss today and they expect to receive the missing issues (including 74-77) next week with a ship date of Thursday, January 23rd. If this is true, it should catch me up. Fingers crossed…

UPDATE Feb 5, 2020: Spoke with Eaglemoss today. My next shipment will not contain *all* of the issues I am missing, but will at least include issues 74, 75, and 76. So three out of the four that have me on hold. At least I can move forward a little.

UPDATE Feb 12, 2020: Well, I got my next shipment notification… turns out only 74 is coming, but I am getting up to 112. Apparently Eaglemoss is struggling to get back issues. This means I still don’t have 75-77, 79-80, 84-88, 90, 92, 95-97, 99-105…

DELUK074C x   1 – Delorean Build Up Issue 74
DELUK106C x   1 – Delorean Build Up Issue 106
DELUK107C x   1 – Delorean Build Up Issue 107
DELUK108C x   1 – Delorean Build Up Issue 108
DELUK109C x   1 – Delorean Build Up Issue 109
DELUK110C x   1 – Delorean Build Up Issue 110
DELUK111C x   1 – Delorean Build Up Issue 111
DELUK112C x   1 – Delorean Build Up Issue 112

UPDATE Mar 16, 2020: So I tried to build Issue 74 and both screws holding the door hinges snapped off. Now, I await another Issue 74. In the meantime, I have now received the following issues. I guess there will be a lot of pages to do when the missing issues show up.

DELUK113C x   1 – Delorean Build Up Issue 113
DELUK114C x   1 – Delorean Build Up Issue 114
DELUK115C x   1 – Delorean Build Up Issue 115
DELUK116C x   1 – Delorean Build Up Issue 116
DELUK117C x   1 – Delorean Build Up Issue 117
DELUK118C x   1 – Delorean Build Up Issue 118
DELUK119C x   1 – Delorean Build Up Issue 119
DELUK120C x   1 – Delorean Build Up Issue 120

UPDATE Apr 11, 2020: I eventually did receive a replacement Issue 74 and will try to get that posted up soon. In the meantime, I just received the following issues from Eaglemoss. Since the car will be completed by Issue 126, I actually have some of the extras now. Sadly, I am still waiting on a lot of missing issues.

DELUK121C x 1 – Delorean Build Up Issue 121
DELUK122C x 1 – Delorean Build Up Issue 122
DELUK123C x 1 – Delorean Build Up Issue 123
DELUK124C x 1 – Delorean Build Up Issue 124
DELUK125C x 1 – Delorean Build Up Issue 125
DELUK126C x 1 – Delorean Build Up Issue 126
DELUK127C x 1 – Delorean Build Up Issue 127
DELUK128C x 1 – Delorean Build Up Issue 128

UPDATE Apr 23, 2020: I apologize for not getting Issue 74 posted as I have been sidetracked with other concerns. In the meantime, Eaglemoss has shipped me the following issues. These are well into the extension issues (including the very last issue – the book):

DELUK147C x   1 – Delorean Build Up Issue 147
DELUK148C x   1 – Delorean Build Up Issue 148
DELUK149C x   1 – Delorean Build Up Issue 149
DELUK150C x   1 – Delorean Build Up Issue 150
DELUK151C x   1 – Delorean Build Up Issue 151
DELUK152C x   1 – Delorean Build Up Issue 152
DELUK153C x   1 – Delorean Build Up Issue 153
DELUK154C x   1 – Delorean Build Up Issue 154
DELUK159C x   1 – Delorean Build Up Issue 159

I have created a new post around the missing issues and delays HERE.

25 thoughts on “Issues 74-77 Delayed”

    1. I saw this option on the Facebook group, but I can’t read Japanese so I would not be able to create the articles for this site. I think Eaglemoss needs to get their s..t together!

  1. Same boat here. Up to issue 73 then skipped to 78. A class action should be in order here. This is not what I agreed to when I started this project. When I called for an explanation, their excuse was “demand”. Told me to call back in a month or so. Abysmal customer service.

    On a positive note, your website dedicated to this model is wonderful! It’s been a great source of tips and assembly help with each issue. It’s much appreciated!

  2. Makes sense but looks like it’s about to get worse. As I mentioned above, I got issues 74-77 off the Japan Amazon site as I knew those issues were still out of stock. Here’s my next shipment, with quite a few gaps. Not sure I’m liking this automatic skipping of out of stock issues. There was nothing in the email stating they were out of stock, just the list below. CRAZY!!

    Your package includes:

    DELUK069C x 1 – Delorean Build Up Issue 69
    DELUK070C x 1 – Delorean Build Up Issue 70
    DELUK071C x 1 – Delorean Build Up Issue 71
    DELUK072C x 1 – Delorean Build Up Issue 72
    DELUK073C x 1 – Delorean Build Up Issue 73
    DELUK078C x 1 – Delorean Build Up Issue 78
    DELUK083C x 1 – Delorean Build Up Issue 83
    DELUK089C x 1 – Delorean Build Up Issue 89

    1. You were right. I just got notification that this is my next shipment. Missing 79-80, 84-88, 90, 92, 95-97…

      DELUK081C x 1 – Delorean Build Up Issue 81
      DELUK082C x 1 – Delorean Build Up Issue 82
      DELUK083C x 1 – Delorean Build Up Issue 83
      DELUK089C x 1 – Delorean Build Up Issue 89
      DELUK091C x 1 – Delorean Build Up Issue 91
      DELUK093C x 1 – Delorean Build Up Issue 93
      DELUK094C x 1 – Delorean Build Up Issue 94
      DELUK098C x 1 – Delorean Build Up Issue 98

  3. Man. Idk what to do. I am so pumped to build this and saved up a bunch of hard earned money. This was a treat for paying off my student debt.
    I just ordered issue 1 and 2, but also a dozen mods from ModelModz, Mike Lane, and Darren Gurney.
    Now idk what to do. Continue and hope EM sorts it out or cancel now and hope I get a decent return on already big investment so far.
    This website has been amazing! Great work. Awesome!

    1. Thank you and welcome aboard! Eaglemoss will get the parts to you eventually. They are a UK company doing business in the US with Chinese parts. Every part work company I use so far: Eaglemoss, DeAgostini, and Hachette all suffer from delays. It is just par for the course. Enjoy the build, even save up a few then do them all at once if you want.

    2. I did the same thing you did Austin. Signed up, ordered all the mods prior to really knowing how terrible their shipping / service is. I signed up begining of December and it took maybe 5 weeks before issue 1 and 2 arrived. I will say you really get roped in at that point and see how cool this thing is going to be.

      BUT, here I was almost another month waiting for my next shipment which should arrive this Thursday, then I hear about all the drama with missed issues so last week I had had enough so I bought issues 1-118 from someone on one of the Facebook pages (he only had it built up to like issue 20, which I took apart and rebuilt because why should he have all the fun).

      After getting all the parts you can really tell how massive and detailed and amazing this thing is. So my advice would be to try and find someone selling all the issues at once online somewhere (if you can afford it) and just bite the bullet and do that before you’re already 20ish issues in on your own so you don’t double buy.

      Or just have patience and wait it out. I highly doubt they’d ever discontinue anything especially with how many people are apparently building thing thing.

      Good luck!

  4. Not looking forward to this. I’ve been through it once already back in the 20s – one backordered kit held things up for a long time. I am currently up to Kit #55, receiving 5 at a time at the moment. I hope EM can get this straightened out before I get to that point!

  5. They’ve got problems. This is a terrible way of doing business. They should be sued. A class action is needed. I said it before. Just informed that my new issues will be 74, 102, 103 and 104. Inexcusable. If I wasn’t so far along and love the build so far, I would cancel.

      1. So, I attempted to do Issue 74 today and both screws for the door hinges snapped off. And, that was the KM screws, not the QM. Now I have to wait for Eaglemoss to ship me yet another Issue 74.

        1. I have a suggestion, since I have been following your build and have noticed you’ve snapped a few screws. I haven’t snapped a single one (yet!) – and I believe it is because I use oil on every M screw.

          I got a cheap bottle of 3-in-1 oil, and drip a few drops into a plastic dish (actually I use one of the molded plastic packing materials from early in the build). Then every screw I load up onto my magnetic screw driver and dip the tip of the screw into the oil. A little blob of it will stick on the end, and the screws go in very easily most of the time. I still use the back and forth (screw in a turn, unscrew, screw in a turn, etc) when one is a little sticky.

  6. Latest …

    Your package includes:

    DELUK074C x 1 – Delorean Build Up Issue 74
    DELUK102C x 1 – Delorean Build Up Issue 102
    DELUK107C x 1 – Delorean Build Up Issue 107
    DELUK109C x 1 – Delorean Build Up Issue 109

  7. Having the same problems, and I think I was one of the earliest people in the US to build it. Had to order 74 and 76 from Japan, and now the gaps in missing kits are getting so bad I had to make a spreadsheet to track them all:


  8. Hi, I’m fed up with Eaglemoss, Not long started and missing issues 20, 23 and 26. Been waiting a month, now got the next lot and find issue 28 missing. Seriously thinking of cancelling my subscription with them. Really wanted to build this BTTF car and their reply always is waiting from supplier, they know how many people are buying their stock, so why not communicate that with the damn supplier and get it right.

    1. KS – I just saw your post. I feel the pain buddy! I’m too far in this with the mods I’ve purchased from both Mike Lane and Model Modz to cancel my subscription. I know here in California in Long Beach, cargo ship after cargo ship stretching for miles are waiting their turn in line to unload their cargo. It took 4 weeks for a mod from Model Modz to LEAVE Langley Airport in the UK, plus another 3 weeks for DHL to receive it, plus 2 more weeks before delivery!
      I don’t think its fair to blame Eaglemoss completely on delays. Like any other company that relies on international trade, they are also a victim of all this. No matter how much you try to anticipate demand, at some point, because of all what’s going on – delays occur. In my own company I work for – the last shipment we received 7 months ago was tripled, that normally would carry us through to Jan. We sold out in 90 days! We’re told to expect a 6 month delay!
      I know its frustrating. But hang in there.

  9. Well, the delays have returned. My Issues 7-10, and possibly more, are delayed. According to Eaglemoss there is a “global slowdown in transportation.”
    There is no anticipated ship date. My issues are 8 weeks late and counting.

  10. Hi, I’ve been building the delorean since mid 2019 and am about a third of the way through. This is my second attempt at the model that I managed to lose when I shifted house. Anyway in the beginning of this build all was going well, issues every month until I got to issue 47 and that is where it is at the moment. I haven’t received anything for nearly 12months now and although I have contacted eaglemoss who have responded will helpful words , nothing has changed. Yes we are going through difficult times but 12 months with nothing ? My biggest worry is that the model will be discontinued and I will be left with it only part completed . And money down the drain, and when I go to there website and see nothing in their shop doesn’t give me a lot of confidence either. Maybe I will finish it someday of die before I do lol.

    1. I have heard that getting issues to Australia is not so easy, but I have yet to build a partwork that stopped along the way. Even with the big delays along with way with the DeLorean, EM caught me up and I finished it in just over two years. I don’t think the DeLorean is going anywhere as I believe it is their best selling partwork.

  11. Been doing my build now up too issued 64 with my son and now it all stopped which broke his heart I understand they went into bankruptcy can’t be helped I suppose but I am still owed 3 months of parts not that this would get me any closer to the 130 needed now my unfinished work is just sat there gathering dust will I ever get to finish it?

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