Issues 15-18 Delayed

My February 2019 shipment of Issues 15 through 18 of this Eaglemoss 1:8 scale Back to the Future DeLorean did not show up as expected. They should have shipped about 10 days ago, but I didn’t hear anything. I reached out to Eaglemoss yesterday and they apologized and said they would ship the first week of March. It seems they are trying to make sure people get the correct manual transmission parts (the build originally shipped with incorrect automatic transmissions). I commend them for this and am willing to wait to get the right pieces. They also said at the time this delay will not affect my March shipment.

UPDATE: On March 8, I received my delayed February shipment with the correct manual transmission. The total delay was exactly 3 weeks. My March shipment should go out normally around March 15th.

UPDATE: My March shipment was also delayed until March 26 and arrived on April 4th. It appears the transmission parts delay pushed my entire subscription back three weeks as the April shipment is now scheduled for April 16th. Good times!

2 thoughts on “Issues 15-18 Delayed”

  1. Just discovered your site and I’m loving it. Started my build yesterday and I’m having a blast reading your post. Keep up the good work!

    1. Thank you for the kind words! I have issues 16 to 18 written and ready to go, just waiting on one thing. Soon!

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