I Couldn’t Wait

It has been almost four months since Eaglemoss shipped me any new issues of their 1:8 scale Back to the Future DeLorean partwork. It seems that  manual transmission mounts in Issue 23 are somehow extremely hard to manufacture. This seems utterly unacceptable to me, but they are still within their terms & conditions we all agreed to when starting the subscription. After many calls to Eaglemoss getting different answers, I finally convinced them to skip the offending issue and ship out the next four issues (24-27).

Then, I found a Facebook group dedicated to trading parts/issues of the DeLorean. Within this community, I was able to get my hands on a manual version of the Issue 23 from another enthusiast. I want to give a huge shout out to Bill S. from New Jersey for letting me buy it off him! With the missing issue now in my hands, I can finally continue my build.

If this problem is strange to you, let me explain. When Eaglemoss first shipped the DeLorean, it incorrectly included an automatic transmission and mounts. As most of us know, the car in the films had a manual transmission. Eaglemoss eventually discovered their error and began sending out the correct manual transmission parts. Unfortunately, while my Issue 16  did contain the proper manual transmission, the matching Issue 23 has been out of stock for months.

Hence, I had to find an alternative way to keep going with my model. If I ever do receive the missing issue, I will be sure to offer it up on the trading group to help others. Until then, let’s get back to the build.


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