Free Gift #1

If you signed up for the subscription-based version of the Eaglemoss 1:8 scale Back to the Future DeLorean partwork build-up, you were supposed to receive three FREE gifts along the way. The first gift is this Collector’s Binder to safely store your issues.

I noticed that the instructions printed inside the spine do not match up to the design of the page holders. I believe they switched designs at some point and did not want to reprint the binder art. So, I thought I would go into detail on how to use this version.

First, once you open the binder, you will see two ‘ladder’ like plastic pieces:

Pull these up and they should snap off:

Remove all the spines from the ‘ladder’. I did this with a hobby knife:

Now, at the bottom of the spine, you will find slots that these spines slide into:

Slide sixteen of the spines into the slots with the blunt end last. This end will sit down into the ledge to stay in place:

Next, grab an issue, open it to the staple, and slide the bottom down over the first spine:

Then, at the top, insert one spine through the slot to hold the issue in place:

Repeat this for all other issues:

And that’s all there is! Eaglemoss even included two extra spines in case you lose any. The first Collector’s Binder is included for free, but future binders are $7.99 USD each and will be charged to your credit card automatically during the build. Since they only hold 16 issues, we are going to need nine of them so let Eaglemoss know if you are not interested.

The next FREE gift should be the full-size metal ‘OUTATIME’ license plate arriving with the third shipment.

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