Die-cast Licence Plates

If we go all the way back to Issue 01 of our 1:8 scale Back to the Future DeLorean partwork build-up, you can find my very first Mod Zone where I installed the original plastic Magnetic Licence Plates from Mike Lane. Since then, Mike has upgraded this product! Now, his new Die-cast Licence Plates come with three plates in a nice storage case (including the more recent Ready Player One version). All of these plates are metal:


As I am keeping with the original film, I chose to use the OUTATIME version. Accurate registration stickers are included and must be applied:

These new plates are then attached in the same way as the originals. There are two options: either we can stick them in place permanently, or use the included adhesive magnetic sheet like I did:

I already had the other magnetic sheet from the original plate still installed in the bumper recess, so I did not need to install the new one:

Therefore, all I needed to do was get these magnets together and, poof, the new die-cast plate is installed. Doesn’t it look amazing!

Removing these metal plates, or swapping them, is easily done with the included removal tool (guitar pick).


While these look nearly identical to the previous plastic plates, they have much nicer raised lettering. This means they are even more accurate to the license plates on the real car. I am extremely happy with this mod. Furthermore, I really appreciate that Mike Lane not only comes out with new products, but goes back and improves on the ones he already has. That is someone who loves what they do. Thank you fine sir!

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