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“Fit a cable and wires to the junction box on the front left side of your DeLorean.”




Materials: Everything non-electrical is plastic in this issue.


  • Drive Time: Model Instructions
  • The Hill Valley Preservation Society: UK Fandom and Fundraising
  • A Time Traveler’s Guide: The Time Machine


Cable and Wires, Front Left Side

Step 1

Push the pin on the end of the Cable into this top hole of the Plug, as shown.

On the real car, these plugs were from Mole Richardson manufacturing:

Step 2

Fit the Plug into this location on the left-side Junction Box, aligning the locating pin as shown:

At the same time, fit the three pins on the Cable into these matching holes in the body. These pins do not hold the Cable in place, but the next steps should secure it better:

Step 3

Secure the Plug to the Junction Box with one (1) IP screw.

I chose to ‘paint’ this screw head with my handy Metallic Silver Sharpie, just to blend in a bit better:

Step 4

Push the pin of the connector on the end of the Multicoloured Wires into this rear hole of the left-side Junction Box:

Steps 5-8

Pass the Wire underneath both the Cable and the Multicoloured Wires and twist it around to secure them together. Pliers may make this easier. Cut off any excess wire with wire cutters. Repeat this process five more times along the entire length.

I did not use this Wire on my build, but this picture gives you an idea of where to start. See my Mod Zone below:

We are given this little black wire to wrap the wires/cable along the sides of the car. This is not accurate in color or frequency of the cable ties used on The ‘A’ Car. Back on the interior issues like Issue 48, I used Mini Cable Ties from Mike Lane. Well, they can also be used here!

Based on my photos of the real car, I tried to wrap these tiny cable ties around the Cable and Mulitcoloured Wires correctly:

Once I have all these ties where I wanted them, I put a tiny drop of super glue on the joint of each one. I used my Pin Vise Hand Drill and a short piece of my 22 gauge Craft Wire bent into an L shape as an applicator tip. It worked great!

After the glue had a chance to dry, I used my sprue cutters to snip of any excess material from each tie:


For me, the Mini Cable Ties made a *huge* difference in the appearance of these side wires; it is so much more realistic! If you decide to do the same on your build just take your time and even use magnifying lenses to get it right.

Next Up

 Issue 101 – Body: Side Power Coil Tube/Mesh/Wiring (Left)

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