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“… add more details and lights to the interior roof panel, and fix it into your DeLorean.”

There is so much to do in this issue that they eliminated the extra sections of the magazine!



Materials: All of the non-electrical parts in this issue are plastic, but the Hinge Pins are metal.


  • Drive Time: Model Instructions
  • A Time Traveler’s Guide: Dean Cundey


Roof Interior

Step 1

Retrieve the Roof Interior Panel assembly from the previous issue. Fit the Control Panel into place at this location:

This panel is extremely detailed; you can even read the text on every button:

Step 2

Secure the Control Panel from below with two (2) GP screws:

Step 3

Fit the two Small Control Panels into place at these locations on the Roof Interior Panel:

Step 4

Secure the Small Control Panels from below with two (2) GP screws:

Step 5

Fit the Keypad into place at this location on the Roof Interior Panel:

Step 6

Secure the Keypad from below with one (1) BP screw:

I wanted to add a little color to the junction blocks on this panel, so I took my Black Sharpie and my Metallic Gold Sharpie to them:

Step 7

Slide the tab of the Sun Visor (87C – left side) through this notch in the Roof Interior Panel, as shown:

Step 8

Turn the panel over and push up slightly on the Sun Visor to align the holes, then slide one of the Hinge Pins through them all to hold the Sun Visor in place.

I found that my Sun Visors were a bit loose, so I first put small balls of Blu Tack around the pin grooves to seal them up:

Then, I installed the visor and pin, sticking it in the putty:

Next, I added a little more Blu Tack on top:

Step 9

Fit one of the Hinges over the pin as shown, and secure it into place with two (2) IP screws.

With this small addition of Blu Tack putty, the visor is now quite stiff and does not fall down:

Step 10

On the other side, slide the tab of the Sun Visor (87D – right side) through this notch in the Roof Interior Panel, as shown:

Steps 11-12

Repeat the steps for the previous visor using two (2) more IP screws:

Step 13

Push the three LEDs of the green/black Wire + 3 LEDs (labelled 13) into these holes of the Roof Interior Panel, as shown:

Step 14

Use three pieces of adhesive Sticker to hold each of these LEDs in place:

These pieces of tape are more likely needed to keep the LEDs from shorting out by contacting the metal roof:

Steps 15-16

Feed both sets of wires between these two posts at the rear of the Roof Interior Panel and secure them into place with the Tab and one (1) IP screw:

Steps 17-19

Retrieve your DeLorean body assembly. Locate these two holes in the roof behind the doors and feed the two LEDs of the orange/green Wire + 2 LEDs up through these holes (one on each side):

NOTE: These LEDs are meant to light the flux bands on the roof. However, many builders discovered that they were sent incorrect yellow LEDs in this stage instead of the correct blue LEDs. I hooked mine up to a 4.5V source (three AAA batteries with an inline 470 Ohm resistor) to double-check the color and I did receive the correct blue ones. If yours are yellow, you may receive replacement blue LEDs in Issue 90.

Step 20

Use two pieces of adhesive Sticker to temporarily secure the LEDs to the roof of the car, as shown:

Step 21

Inside the car, move all of these wires backwards to make room for the Roof Interior Panel:

Step 22

Carefully test fit the Roof Interior Panel assembly into the car (avoiding the rear view mirror, if installed) while making sure all of the wires are clear and facing the back of the car:

After I test fit this panel, I removed the orange/green Wire + 2 LEDs from the roof because I am installing the The EL Light Mod from Model Modz, I only showed the previous steps for those builders not going that route. These LEDs are not needed when using the EL mod:

Steps 23-24

If the test fit is successful, flip up both Sun Visors up to gain access to the screw holes underneath and secure the Roof Interior Panel to the body with six (6) NM screws, as shown.

This is your friendly reminder to try using 3-in-One Oil on all screws going into metal:

Step 25

Complete the roof installation by securing the front ‘A-pillar’ mounting points with two (2) BM screws:


There was a lot to do in this issue, but we have our roof installed and complete. It looks pretty sharp!

Next Up

 Issue 88 – Interior: Outer Seat Belts, Seat Belt Panels, Interior Panels

13 thoughts on “ISSUE 87”

    1. If you add additional LEDs to the roof lighting, make sure you wire them in parallel, but don’t go crazy. Nano LEDs from Model Modz would be a good choice.

  1. I received this issue with hinges that do not need the blu tack mod. I forgot to make a picture of it, but they do not have a hole in between them anymore. They are fully connected and that fixes the unwanted falling down of the visors.

  2. In Step 17-19 you connected the Orange/Green Wires and the 2 LEDs to a 3-AAA box with a resistor. If you don’t have a resister, would 1 or a 2 AAA batteries be okay to test? I understand that need for a resistor to prevent build burn out, but my hypothesis is that a low volt battery source just to check color would be okay?

    1. Its not the volts that are the problem, it is the amperage. The resistor prevents too much from going through the LED. Think of voltage as the diameter of a water pipe. Think of amperage as the speed of the water flowing through that pipe. Too much amperage = burn out the LED. Hence the resistor. Too many volts could cause damage as well, but you can’t just lower the voltage. Resistors are cheap and easy to get. Replacement Eaglemoss parts are not.

  3. Thanks. I bought a breadbox, Arduino cable and 220 resistors, along with 1+1P and 1+2P connectors and male pins for the battery box. Should do the trick. It took me a while to figure out the LED cables when using the EL Mod. If your building as you go, you can eliminate wires 15,16,19, 20, 21 & 22. Chloe at Model Modz suggests to give these to your wife or girlfriend to make a necklace…lol!

  4. Any tips on fixing a section of the paint job on the Interior Roof Panel? (the main bit that is whiter, not the bit you recoloured to look more metallic). There is a black line on mine (near where the rear view mirror sits) where the paint has scratched off, which is annoying as it was like that out of the box. Thanks.

    1. I would think your best bet is to find a paint color that matches closely and touch it up. Or, ask Eaglemoss for a replacement issue?

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