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“In this issue you fit the base of the luggage compartment into the upper frame of your DeLorean.”

This issue is going to contain quite a few mods, but it should really look great when we are done!



Materials: All of these parts are plastic except for the nylon Spare Wheel Belt


  • Drive Time: Model Instructions
  • Publicity Drive: Promoting Back to the Future Part II
  • A Time Traveler’s Guide: The Scene Screen


Luggage Compartment Interior

Step 1

Push the Edge Strip (65B) into place on the Luggage Compartment Interior, as shown.

The two Edge Strips are different. Take note of the angled ends (on the right in the picture below), these will be towards the rear of the car:

The Edge Strip fits into place using the matching pins and posts:

Step 2

Secure this Edge Strip from below with three (3) BP screws:

Steps 3-4

Repeat the previous steps with the remaining Edge Strip (65C) and secure three (3) BP screws:

The assembly should now look like this:

Step 5

Fit the Lock into place as shown, and secure with two (2) GP screws.

The small notch should be facing up:

Step 6

Fit the Tank into the Luggage Compartment Interior from underneath, as shown:

Step 7

Turn the assembly over and secure the Tank with two (2) BP screws.

NOTE: The instructions for this step are wrong. They describe using GP screws, but they did not provide enough of them with this issue. However, they did supply enough BP screws, and they work fine here:

Spare Tire Belt and Hood Arms

Step 8A

Bring the two ends of the Spare Wheel Belt together and pass the free end through the first slot of the buckle, as shown:

Step 8B

Pass the free end up through the other slot in the buckle and back on itself:

Step 9

Secure the Spare Wheel Belt into the Luggage Compartment Interior with one (1) GP screw.

There is a pin that aligns the part in place. We will not receive the Spare Wheel itself until Issue 110, so this belt is going to remain loose for now:

With the assembly of the luggage compartment complete, we can add some more Decal Set III details from Mike Lane! These decal labels attach to the Luggage Compartment Interior in order to add some realism and accuracy to a real DeLorean:

The Jacking Instructions label applies to the front center of the compartment. I placed this pretty high up to make sure it would be visible above the foam cutout from the Bonnet and Luggage Compartment Set I am going to install later in this issue:

The Windshield Washer Reservoir label applies to the front left of the compartment:

The first Brake Fluid label applies to the bottom of the compartment next to this cap:

Finally, the Unleaded Fuel label and second Brake Fluid label apply to the left rear ledge of the compartment, as shown:

I am so proud to have Mike Lane as part of our modding community. I think these decals really make a difference in our build!

Steps 10-11

Retrieve the Frame assembly from the previous issue and turn it upside down. Secure the Luggage Compartment Interior into place as shown with four (4) DM screws.

This is your friendly reminder to try using 3-in-One Oil on all screws going into metal.

NOTE: You may not want to do the rest of the steps in this issue just yet. This is because we will have to remove this entire assembly again in Issue 76 to attach the Front Fenders. However, since the removal is pretty easy, I am going to show the build steps anyway:

Step 12

Flip the Frame assembly upright again and open the Hood. Extend the left Arm and fit it into this hole of the Luggage Compartment Interior.

You may have to twist the end of this Arm a bit to get it to line up with the hole. It will not go in straight, but it will go in:

Step 13

Secure the Arm into place with one (1) DP screw.

Do not over-tighten this screw as the Arm needs to be able to pivot here when the Hood is opened/closed:

Step 14

Extend the right Arm and fit it into this hole of the Luggage Compartment Interior:

Step 15

Secure the Arm into place with one (1) DP screw.

As before, do not over-tighten this screw as the Arm needs to be able to pivot here when the Hood is opened/closed:

While this issue is now complete, there are a couple of additional mods I want to install at this point:

With the luggage compartment installed, we can now install the lower parts of the Bonnet and Luggage Compartment Set from Mike Lane.  This consists of a pre-cut foam insert with 1:8 scale metal tools and a carpeted cover panel:

NOTE: My version of the mod is designed for the full size Spare Wheel we receive with Issue 110. However, on the real DeLorean, the spare is actually a thinner emergency wheel. If you are using a more accurate modded wheel here, Mike also offers a version of this mod with a thinner foam insert to fit around those modded wheels better.

The installation is super easy. Simply tuck the miniature tools into their respective slots and drop the insert into the luggage compartment.

Mike also includes an carpeted cover you can place over the foam insert if you so choose. A small tab at the front allows for easy removal:

NOTE: Since we will be turning the Frame assembly over quite a lot during the rest of the build, you may not want to keep this mod in place as it could fall out if the Hood opens. I pulled mine out after these photos and will install it again once we are done working under the car.

While we are going mod crazy in this issue, there is one last detail we can add here. Included in Decal Set II from Mike Lane is the manufacturer identification plate:

This peel-and-stick decal simply applies to the driver side door jamb, as shown:


This issue was really interesting, especially after adding all of the Mike Lane mods. This guy is a mod master! The amount of visible detail we have added to the Frame assembly is impressive. It feels to me like this was an important issue!

Next Up

 Issue 66 – Body: Door Retainers/Switches

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  1. A few paint suggestions here, Gas Cap silver, as well as the bolts that surround it, triangular shape where the pistons connect to the luggage compartment also silver.

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