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“In this issue you fit the luggage compartment hood to your DeLorean. Handle it with care to avoid scratching or bending the metal.”

The parts list in this issue incorrectly identifies the Hood as part 53A, it should be 63A.



Materials: Everything in this issue is metal.


  • Drive Time: Model Instructions
  • Art of the Matter: Drew Struzan
  • A Time Traveler’s Guide: Elijah Wood



Since we will be working on the underside of the Hood, be sure the surface you are working on here is not rough or hard to prevent scratching the outer surface of the Hood. I typically use a soft cloth underneath any exterior part, but I remove it to take these photos.

Step 1

Secure the two Hinges to the front underside edge of the Hood with four (4) KM screws.

I always recommend pre-threading all metal screws/holes. Unfortunately, while I was doing this, one of the KM screws snapped off leaving the shaft blocking the hole. This also happened back in Issue 59 too. Therefore, I will have to use a good amount of super glue to hold this Hinge in place. Take care when screwing into metal and use 3-in-One Oil if possible!

These Hinges can be installed a few different ways here, so be careful. The correct way is to make sure the hinge pin itself is closer to the Hood (there is a recess in the Hood specifically designed for the hinge pin):

Step 2

Secure the Left Arm Support (63C marked ‘L’) to the left underside of the Hood with one (1) AM screw.

Notice the stamped markings identifying each side:

There is a pin hole next to the screw hole that will align this part correctly:

Step 3

Secure the Right Arm Support (63D marked ‘R’) to the right underside of the Hood with one (1) AM screw:

Step 4

Secure one of the Arms to the Left Arm Support with one (1) PM screw, as shown.

The thinner end of the Arm is what attaches to the support. It should be free to rotate along the screw axis:

Step 5

Opposite the previous step, secure the remaining Arm to the Right Arm Support with one (1) PM screw, as shown:

That completes the issue, but I wanted to take a picture of the upper surface of the hood so you can see how it looks:


Another short issue, but still fun (other than the broken KM screw).

Next Up

 Issue 64 – Body: Hood Frame/Light

4 thoughts on “ISSUE 63”

  1. Try on all metal parts that used screws, push the screws in the bees wax bar pull then out then screw then wright in, with no problems.

  2. I also had that problem with that screw, so due to the lack of parts, I will do the same method as you, here in Mexico, due to COVID-19, many parts turn out to be difficult to find, but luckily I already found it, but at a price of $50 USD.

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