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“In this issue you will continue the assembly of the interior, adding details to the lower bulkhead, by following these step-by-step instructions.”




Materials: All of these parts are plastic.


  • Drive Time: Model Instructions
  • Production Diary: More on the Hoverboard Chase
  • A Time Traveler’s Guide: Jason Scott Lee


The Bulkhead

Step 1

Before I started this step, I installed the carpet on the Bulkhead Hatch using the Carpet Set from Mike Lane. There are more detailed instructions on my dedicated Carpet Set page. This is the completed result:

Push one of the Speakers into place on the Bulkhead Hatch as shown, aligning the posts with the holes:

On The ‘A’ Car, these speakers do not exist:

However, these Speakers *were* on Terry Matalas‘ replica DeLorean that they scanned to make our model. I will not be installing them, but I can show you what they look like in these steps:

Step 2

Secure the Speaker with one (1) AP screw.

This is where the screw would normally go:

Step 3

Push the Switches into place on the Bulkhead Hatch as shown, aligning the posts with the holes.

On The ‘A’ Car, these switches do not exist either. They were on Terry Matalas‘ replica to control various functions. But, since we have the holes in the carpet, I am going to put the switches in to cover them up:

Step 4

Secure the Switches from behind with one (1) AP screw:

Step 5

Fit the Bulkhead Hatch into position from behind the Bulkhead, as shown.

Looking from the front, this should sit flush with the rest of the Bulkhead:

Step 6

Secure the Bulkhead Hatch with two (2) BP screws:

Steps 7-8

Slide the driver’s seat forward and lean it towards the steering wheel. You may need to loosen the screws under the seat a little. Push the other Speaker into place on the Bulkhead as shown, aligning the posts with the holes.

I did not install this Speaker either as it doesn’t exist on the real car:

But, this is where it goes if you want to push it through the carpet:

Steps 9-10

Secure the Speaker with one (1) AP screw. Then, push the driver’s seat back upright and slide it back into its original position.

This is where the screw would go:

Steps 11-12

Place the Adhesive Sticker over the screws on the back of the Bulkhead Hatch.

The purpose of this sticker is to protect the upcoming Circuit Board from shorting out on the screw heads:


If we are being faithful to the movies, almost all of the parts in this issue should not be installed. Only the Bulkhead Hatch is accurate (it is actually the battery compartment cover on the real car). But, hey, details!

Next Up

 Issue 56 – Interior: Circuit Board, Wires

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