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“In this issue you will continue the assembly of the interior by following these step-by-step instructions.”




Materials: All of the non-electrical parts in this issue are plastic.


  • Drive Time: Model Instructions
  • Hooray for Hoverboards: Creating One of the Most Beloved Props
  • A Time Traveler’s Guide: J.J. Cohen


The Interior

Step 1

Join the two Pipe Sections together, as shown, with one (1) AP screw:

This hose was a little too ‘shiny’ for my taste. Therefore, I aged it a bit with some Oil Stain weathering powder from the Tamiya Weather Master Set D. It just rubs on to give it an appearance of use and abuse. I gave it some extra powder along the section where the passengers would drag their feet:

Step 2

Place these pipes next to the passenger seat as shown, aligning the two posts along the base with the holes in the floor:

Step 3

Push the lug on the front end of the Pipe Sections into this hole under the Dashboard:

Step 4

Secure the Pipe Sections to the floor from below with two (2) FP screws:

Step 5

Before I started this step, I installed the carpet on the Door Sill using the Carpet Set from Mike Lane. I have written more detailed instructions on my Carpet Set page. This is the completed result:

Fit the Door Sill in place on the passenger side by aligning the three posts to the matching holes in the floor:

Step 6

Turn the assembly over and secure the Door Sill into place with three (3) FP screws:

Step 7

Secure all of the Cables (53D, 53E, and 53F) together with two Cable Ties.

The first thing I wanted to do was add a little detail to the two smaller cables. On The ‘A’ Car, these cables have red and yellow tape on them:

So, using some small strips of red and yellow colored electrical tape, I wrapped the ends of these cables like this:

The next thing I noticed on the real car was that the wire bundle has its own zip ties:

Using more Mini Cable Ties from Mike Lane, I wrapped just this bundle a few times:

Finally, I taped all the Cables together at one end (with all the plugs) and wrapped them all with more Mini Cable Ties:

Step 8

Place these Cables along the floor next to the passenger’s seat.

The ends with the grey plugs should be towards the back of the car:

Step 9

The front ends of the Cables should pass through this hole below the Dashboard:

Step 10

Remove the AP screw (on the left) from this Tab on the Dashboard and rotate it down:

Steps 11-12

Fold the ends of the new Cables down between the posts (with the existing wiring) and replace the Tab and AP screw.

I recommend only securing just enough cable to hold this in place. You will need the extra length towards the rear of the car:


Well, this issue represents the last of the interior decorative wiring. Some builders add more, change colors, etc. but I am pretty happy with my results. I am really ready for the next five issues where we begin construction of the rear bulkhead and everything on it.

Next Up

 Issue 54 – Interior: Lower Rear Bulkhead, Junction Box, Cylinder/Pipes

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