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“In this issue you will assemble the centre console by following these step-by-step instructions.”




Materials: Everything in this issue is plastic, except for the Gear Shift Shroud, which is rubber.


  • Drive Time: Model Instructions
  • Production Diary: How the ‘alternative’ 1985 was created
  • A Time Traveler’s Guide: The Biff Tannen Museum


The Centre Console

Step 1

Place Console 1 into the Centre Console, as shown:

This little panel has a sticker label on it with some pretty accurate details:

Step 2

Secure this into place from underneath with two (2) AP screws:

Step 3

Place Console 2 into the Centre Console, as shown.

The front edge of this Console 2 fits under the lower lip of Console 1 we just installed. Slide Console 2 under Console 1, then press the rear of Console 2 down into place. This takes some effort, but will eventually snap down:

Step 4

Secure this into place from underneath with two (2) BP screws:

Once this Console 2 was installed, I took a little break to install the digital clock sticker included in Decal Set II from Mike Lane:

This is just a simple peel-and-stick decal. I used a set of tweezers to get it into the right position:

UPDATE: My visitors pointed out that I installed this decal upside down. It should read 1:22, whoops! I corrected it later on in the build:

Step 5

Place the Gear Stick Shroud into the underside of the Centre Console, aligning the pins and notches as shown:

Step 6

This is how it should look from above.

I missed taking a picture of this step, but you can see it in Step 8 below.

Step 7

Insert the Gear Stick (narrow end first) through the hole in the Gear Stick Shroud from underneath:

Step 8

This is how it should look from above:

Step 9

Place the Gear Stick Case over the bottom of these parts, and secure with two (2) BP screws.

The ‘ball’ end of the Gear Stick should sit down in the raised ‘bowl’ inside the Gear Stick Case:

Step 10

Fit the Gear Stick Handle onto the narrow end of the Gear Stick:


I am so stoked that we are starting to assemble the iconic interior of the DeLorean. Just wait until the next issue!

Next Up

 Issue 42 – Interior: Heat Sink/Wire, Radio, Compass, Time Circuits Display/LEDs, Keypad

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    1. Since I can’t build this model right now, I totally forgot about fixing this. It has been taken care of now.

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