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“In this issue you will add more details to the chassis by following these step-by-step instructions.”

This issue only includes two parts and a whole bunch of screws. It should go by quick!



Materials: Both of these plates are plastic.


  • Drive Time: Model Instructions
  • Starting the Script: The Sequel Takes Shape
  • A Time Traveler’s Guide: Marty’s Letter to Doc


As I have done before, I painted the heads of all the screws in this issue with Tamiya XF-56 Metallic Grey in advance. I also painted both chassis plates with Tamiya XF-16 Flat Aluminum to better match the color of the real car:

Chassis Plates

Step 1

Secure the Rear Right Chassis Plate to the underside of the model using seven (7) BM screws as shown:

Be very careful any time you are putting force on the chassis! It may be preferable to support the frame in other ways, such as small blocks, napkins, or even your leg. The suspension/wheels are fragile, and the steps in this issue can cause parts to bend or break off without proper handling. This is also your friendly reminder to try using 3-in-One Oil on all screws going into metal:

The instructions don’t mention it, but there is a pin on the underside of each chassis plate that fits into these holes to align the part:

Step 2

Repeat this process with the Rear Left Chassis Plate and seven (7) more BM screws as shown:


After the last issue and all its steps, this issue only had two steps and they flew right by.

Next Up

 Issue 32 – Frame: Fuel Tank (Battery Box/Switch), Wiring

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  1. Where did you find that the real car has aluminum plates? All pictures of the underbody of the car don’t even show anything in that spot.

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