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“In this issue you will add more details to the chassis and begin assembling the radiator by following these step-by-step instructions.”

We are moving to the front of the chassis now to install the horn and radiator brackets. Also, we will assemble the radiator fans.



Materials: The only metal pieces in this issue are the Radiator Mounts – the rest is plastic.


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As before, I painted the heads of all exposed chassis screws with Tamiya XF-56 Metallic Grey acrylic in advance. I also, painted the two Radiator Mounting Brackets in a couple coats of Model Master Acrylic 4672 Brass paint:

The Horn

Step 1

Place the Horn Bracket onto the Horn and secure with one (1) GP screw.

There is an alignment pin that ensures this only fits one way:

Step 2

Secure this Horn assembly to the front left of the chassis with one (1) NM screw.

Again, there is an alignment pin that only allows this to fit in one position. This is also your friendly reminder to try using 3-in-One Oil on all screws going into metal:

The Radiator Mounting Brackets

Step 3

Secure the Radiator Mounting Bracket (27F) to the chassis, in front of the Horn, with one (1) NM screw:

Again, there is an alignment pin here that keeps the part in the correct position:

Step 4

Fix the Radiator Mounting Bracket (27E) to the other side of the chassis with one (1) NM screw:

The Radiator Fans

Step 5

Place the two Radiator Fans onto the posts of the Radiator Back and secure with two (2) HP screws, one for each.

If you want these to spin, do not tighten the screws all the way in:

It is time again for another of Mike Lane’s fantastic decals. This time it is the small warning label from Decal Set III. It is simply placed at the bottom between the fans:


Unlike the previous issue in which we had so much to do, this one went by fast. But, we are setting up the front end in preparation for the cooling system and floor of the car. These little issues do add up.

Next Up

 Issue 28 – Radiator, Radiator Mount

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