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“In this special 96-page issue we present the complete assembly guide for the DeLorean time machine, a recap of all the step-by-step instructions to build your own scale model of Doc Brown’s remarkable vehicle, in a single bumper volume.”




The only part supplied with this issue is a basic dust cover for your DeLorean. It is made of black cloth with light blue stitching and shaped to fit the completed car. It has no other prints or markings:


  • DeLorean Step-by-Step

Here are some example pages from the issue:


Installing the car cover is just a matter of unfolding it and placing it over the car, like this:


This is the final issue of the 1:8 scale Back to the Future DeLorean. The car cover is not terribly exciting, but it can be useful if you do not store your car in an enclosed case. I won’t be using it as my DeLorean will live in a glass display cabinet with my other builds.

The instruction book would have been nice to have at the very beginning of the build, but is pretty useless at the end. I suppose it can be kept and all of the previous 158 magazines thrown out. What makes this issue even harder to accept is that we had to pay extra for it ($32.95) as it is considered a ‘Special Issue’.

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One thought on “ISSUE 159”

  1. ya know ( in my best NPC Jack voice )

    some sort of Back To The Future or DeLorean logo would look sweet on that cover

    just sayin’

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