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“With this issue you assemble the four straps and use them to affix the completed time circuit box to the hood of your DeLorean.”




Materials: These Straps are a replica leather. The Buckles are metal, the Pipes are plastic, and the Elastic Bands are rubber.


  • Drive Time: Model Instructions
  • The DeLorean Legacy: Into the 21st Century
  • A Time Traveler’s Guide: Giorgetto Giugiaro


Emergency Time Circuits

Step 1

Slide a large ‘hooked’ Buckle (155C) about 20mm (0.75 inches) down onto the end of one of the Straps.

Make sure the textured side of the Strap is on this side of the Buckle, and the Buckle is orientated like this:

Pass the free end of the Strap back through the other slot in the Buckle, as shown:

Step 2

Loop the longer free end of the Strap around and insert it through the Buckle as shown:

Pull the longer free end taut and you should end up with the Buckle on the end of the Strap, like this:

Step 3

Slide a smaller Buckle (155B) about 40mm (1.5 inches) down the other end of the Strap.

Make sure the Strap passes through both slots of the smaller Buckle, as shown:

Step 4

Repeat the previous steps three more times to complete all four of the Strap assemblies:

Step 5A

Retrieve your Time Circuit Box assembly. Slide the tip of one of these Strap assemblies (the smaller Buckle end) through one of the side Handles (151A).

Make sure the textured side of the Strap is facing the right way:

Step 5B

Pass the end of this Strap back through both slots of the small Buckle, as shown here:

Step 6

This is how the installed Strap should look (with the textured side up):

Step 7

Repeat the previous steps to attach the remaining three Straps to the sides of the Time Circuit Box, as shown:

Steps 8-9

Retrieve your DeLorean and open the Hood. Position the Time Circuit Box on the hood as shown:

Step 10

Make sure to hook the top Strap over the rear edge of the Hood in the center:

Steps 11-12

Use the two Elastic Bands under the Hood to join the ‘hooked’ Buckles and hold the box to the Hood, as shown:

Steps 13-14

Insert the straight end of the thinner Pipe (155F) into the ‘straight connector’ (part 140F from Issue 140). The curved end of this Pipe should go up, over, and behind the Hood. Then, fit the hole in the end of the thicker Pipe (155 E) onto the pin of the ‘cable support’ (part 140D from Issue 140) and rotate it so the free end is near the first Pipe, as shown:

Step 15

Use the Adhesive Sticker to stick the ends of both Pipes to the underside of the Hood.

You can do this step if you want, and I circled the location below where the Adhesive Sticker goes. However, I want to be able to remove my Time Circuit Box easily, so I did not install this tape. The Pipes stay in place just fine without it anyway:

With that, the hood box is now fully installed! I turned off some of my studio lighting to see what it looks like with the hood box powered up. The tiny LEDs are not super bright, but you can see them:


Wow, this has become my favorite part of the DeLorean build. Even though I will be displaying the car without it, it will be nearby. A special thanks go out to Mike Lane for the Hood Box Upgrade Kit for really making this thing pop!

Next Up

 Issue 156 – Display: Railroad Tie/Ends, Connectors

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