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“The emergency time circuits for your DeLorean are almost complete. With this issue you can assemble and add more circuit components before fitting the straps and fastenings.”

NOTE: All of the pictures in this issue are after I installed the Hood Box Upgrade Kit from Mike Lane.



Materials: The Handles and clamp on the end of 151C are metal and 151B is plastic. The strap on 151C is replica leather.


  • Drive Time: Model Instructions
  • Style Icon: DeLorean DMC-12
  • A Time Traveler’s Guide: Computers Go to the Movies


Emergency Time Circuits

Step 1

Retrieve your Time Circuit Box assembly. Push Component 151B down onto the pin of into Time Circuit Component 134I (tube base) we installed back in Issue 134, as shown:

Step 2

Slide one of the Handles through the loop of Component 151C (strap and hook):

Step 3

Secure this Handle assembly to the rear of the Time Circuit Box with two (2) OP screws.

Make sure the ‘hook’ on the end of the strap is pointing down and towards the box, as shown:

Step 4

Secure two more Handles to the driver side of the Time Circuit Box with four (4) OP screws:

Step 5

Secure the last two Handles to the passenger side of the Time Circuit Box with four (4) more OP screws:

Step 6

Fit one end of each of the black Wires (151D) into the two holes at the back of the large bulb base (from Issue 143), as shown:

Then, fit the other ends of these Wires into these matching holes of the Time Circuit Component (137C from Issue 137):

Step 7

Fit one end of the shorter silver Wire (151F) into this hole of the ‘cable support’ (part 137N from Issue 137):

Fit the other end of this Wire into this upper front hole of the ‘power supply’ (part 140A from Issue 140).

These wires can be bent into shape, but it took me many attempts to get them the way I wanted them. Tweezers may also be needed here:

Step 8

Fit one end of a longer silver Wire (151E) into this lower side hole of the ‘power supply’:

Fit the other end of the Wire into this lower hole of the LED Switch box (part 131B from Issue 131):

You can run this wire over OR under the ‘long black ribbed tube’, it is your choice. I decided to run it over top to be more visible:

Step 9

Fit one end of the remaining Wire into this top hole of the ‘power supply’:

Step 10

Fit the other end of the Wire into this upper hole of the LED Switch box:

Unfortunately, this last Wire was not long enough to route behind the ‘rack of tubes’ per the instructions, so I ran it like this:

Since these Wires represent the last of the components to be installed into the hood box, I thought I would turn the studio lights off and take a picture of this assembly lit up on its own power. Awesome!


With this issue, the Time Circuit Box (Big Chip) is now complete! I just can’t get enough of all these little bits and pieces that make it look so darn interesting. I really appreciate that they supplied us with everything needed to display our DeLorean in any of the various formats seen across the entire film franchise.

Next Up

 Issue 152 – Display: Railroad Tie/Ends, Connectors

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