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“Assemble the fifth railroad tie for your railroad base and affix it to the rails you have already completed.”

This issue will feel very familiar as we have done all of this before…



Materials: Everything here is plastic.


  • Drive Time: Model Instructions
  • Zemeckis – In Production: Forthcoming Movies
  • A Time Traveler’s Guide: Marty and the Stooges


Fifth Railroad Tie

Step 1

Fit an End Piece to both ends of the Railroad Tie, as shown:

Step 2

From below, secure these parts together with four (4) EP screws:

Step 3

Retrieve your built Track assembly. Place this Railroad Tie assembly next to the previous tie, as shown:

Step 5

Secure these two Railroad Ties together at the Connectors underneath, using two (2) EP screws as shown.

For some reason, the instructions skipped Step 4 here:


This is our fifth Railroad Tie. Three more to go! Keep the spare Connectors safe for now.

Next Up

 Issue 145 – Display: Rail, Rail Chairs

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