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“This issue’s parts include the first part of the rail for the base and the ‘chairs’ that hold the rail in place.”





  • Drive Time: Model Instructions
  • What Robert Zemeckis Did Next: Into the Digital Realm
  • A Time Traveler’s Guide: Jeffrey Weissman


Rail and Chairs

Step 1

Retrieve your Sleeper assembly from the previous issue. Place the Rail across the Sleeper assembly as shown,.

Actually, we don’t need to do this step just yet as the Rails can slide under the Rail Chairs at any time.

Step 2

Fit the two Rail Clamps to one end of the Sleeper assembly, aligning the pin and screw holes as shown:

Step 3

Secure the Rail Chairs down with four (4) EP screws, two in each:

Now, we can slide the Rail under the chairs and align it to the end of the Sleeper assembly:


All of the rail/wheel assembly issues of this extension are going to be really short and repeat the same process over and over. Future issues that involve assembly steps like this will refer back to this issue. While the Rail itself is painted metal, the chairs are plastic.

Next Up

 Issue 134 – Body: Time Circuit Components, Base Plate, Battery Cover

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