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“With this issue… assemble the 12 plutonium rods for your DeLorean and fit them in the case.”

This issue represents the end of the standard subscription. All issues after this one are part of the optional subscription extension.



Materials: Everything in this issue is plastic.


  • Drive Time: Model Instructions
  • What Robert Zemeckis Did Next: Death Becomes Her (1992)
  • A Time Traveler’s Guide: Time Circuits


Plutonium Case

Steps 1-2

Push the Plutonium Canister Lids onto the top of all twelve Plutonium Canisters.

There is a notch in the canister and a tab on the lid that align these together:

I only fitted one of these as an example here because, as you will see, I want to do something different in this issue:

Steps 2-5

Wrap a Sticker around the ends of all twelve Plutonium Rods.

We are provided with fifteen (15) labels, so we have some spares if any mistakes are made:

These should be attached to the end that has the clear plastic, like this:

As part of the Plutonium Case and Clock Face Upgrade mod from Mike Lane, he includes these small clear plastic discs with a hole in them:

These can be slipped over the base of each Plutonium Rod to keep it from slipping through the bottom of the Plutonium Canisters:

Step 6

These rod assemblies can now be lowered down into each Plutonium Canister

… and the Plutonium Canister Lid popped on top:

Or, if you want to do it the way I think looks better, invert the canister so the lid is at the bottom. The lids will likely not stay in place this way, so you can glue them to the canisters. However, do NOT use a CA (cyanoacrylate) super glue. It will cause crazing (fogging) of the clear plastic. Use a cement specifically for clear plastics such as Humbrol Clearfix AC5708 or Microscale Kristal Klear. These can take longer to dry, but they will not damage clear plastics:

Repeat your chosen process for the remaining rods and canisters:

Steps 7-10

Retrieve your Plutonium Case from the previous issue and slide your completed Plutonium Canisters down into the case.

The case is now complete. You can close and latch the lid if you want to:

Step 11

The final piece of the standard subscription is Doc’s wind-up Bulova alarm clock that he puts on the dash at the end of the first film.

There are some inaccuracies with this part. The face printed on the part is not very representative of the real Bulova clock used in the film. Also, the time shown is 10:08, what is that? Thankfully, the final bit of Mike Lane’s Plutonium Case and Clock Face Upgrade mod is a decal that corrects both of these issues. To fix this, we first need to pop the tiny lens off the front of the clock. It comes out quite easily using a sharp tool:

Then, it is as simple as placing Mike’s replacement face decal over the existing face and pressing the lens back in. This looks much more realistic and he even set the time to 10:04!

This issue is now complete. I did try real quick to put the clock to the right of the digital speedometer, but it doesn’t fit there very well. Since I am going for the look of the car when it rolled out of Doc’s van anyway, I won’t need it. However, I did take a quick picture of these bits next to the car for comparison:


With this issue done, we have completed the entire run of the original standard build. There are still 29 issues left in the extension and I will continue to build those out for posterity. Thanks to all my visitors for sticking out this build with me!

Next Up

 Issue 131 – Body: Time Circuit Box, LED Ribbon and Switch

8 thoughts on “ISSUE 130”

  1. After my son making this over the years, he finally got to issue 130, finished it and put the batteries in to light everything. He was so excited. Turned the power on and the only thing that works is the red lights in the doors. None of the buttons work. And the rear lights are just flickering all the time.

    We now face slowly disassembling the build to get back to the wire installation and check that everything is wired correctly.

    To add insult to injury when he was carrying it back from the kitchen table where builds it, the front passenger wheel flopped down into the the hover positron. But it came down with such force that it has actually snapped at the hinge.

    He’s asked to be reminded in the future not to buy from Eaglemoss ever again.

  2. oh no, you’ve spoiled me, I was eagerly anticipating your wonderfully meticulously detailed instructions for the BttF III expansion and I was sad to see they aren’t here!

    1. If I were going to seal the stickers I would cover them with a flat or matte clear paint, or even some clear nail polish.

  3. Can I just thank you for this website…because Finally, I’ve finished it! It’s taken me three years, on and off I wouldn’t have done half of the hard parts if it wasn’t for you. “Big thanks”

    1. Thank you for the kind words! I love building these models and sharing the experience with others if can help in any way.

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