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“With this issue… fit together the plutonium case to accompany your DeLorean.”




Materials: The case parts are plastic, the Padding is a sponge, the Straps are nylon, and the Hinge is metal.


  • Drive Time: Model Instructions
  • Celebrating Future Day: October 21, 2015
  • A Time Traveler’s Guide: Neil Canton


Plutonium Case

Step 1

Carefully remove the backing paper from the Padding:

Step 2

Retrieve your Plutonium Case (Body) from the previous issue. Fit this Padding (sticky side down) into the base of the case, as shown:

This is the point in the plutonium case build where I can start the installation of my Plutonium Case and Clock Face Upgrade Kit from Mike Lane. The first part of this mod consists of a few pre-cut adhesive foam inserts and a sticker:

First, we need to remove the backing paper from this foam insert with the corners missing. Also, take note of this raised tab on one side (circled below):

This insert is going to stick on top of the Padding we have already installed, but make sure that the raised ‘tab’ side fits down into the wide slot on the inside of the front wall of the case:

Step 3

Secure the two Straps to these posts on the Lid Interior with two (2) IP screws, as shown:

Steps 4-5

Noting that this Lid Interior also has the raised tab on one side, align the same side of the Plutonium Rod Holder on top, as shown:

Step 6

Fold the Straps in and secure them to the posts of the Plutonium Rod Holder with two (2) IP screws, as shown:

Step 7

You can now ‘hinge’ these piece apart, like this:

Retrieve your Plutonium Case Lid from Issue 127. Fit the Lid Interior into the Plutonium Case Lid (aligning that raised tab edge), as shown:

Step 8

Secure the Lid Interior into place with four (4) AP screws.

Note that the Straps fit through small grooves on either side of the Lid Interior. Otherwise, they could become pinched:

It is now time to add the lid insert from Mike Lane’s plutonium case mod. It simply sticks onto the Lid Interior like this, hiding the screws. Nice and clean!

We can also now add Mike’s included radioactive label. It is builder’s choice where to put this, but on the real case it is very low and centered. Since this case has no depth in the lid, I moved it up a little for the ‘illusion’ of correct placement. Really, it is up to you:

Step 9

Fit the Plutonium Rod Holder down into the Plutonium Case (Body) as shown.

This also has the grooves on the side for the Straps to come through, so ensure they don’t get pinched:

Step 10

Secure the Plutonium Rod Holder into the case with four (4) AP screws:

Here, we can add the final foam insert from Mike Lane’s mod. This covers the screws and looks much more accurate to the real case:

Steps 11-12

Carefully close the lid on top of the body, fit the Hinge to the back of the case/lid, and secure it into place with eight (8) PP screws:


I am actually quite surprised and happy that this little case has as much detail on it as it does. For example, the tiny black product placard on the front has printing so legible I can tell that they used the correct 213 telephone area code that the Anvil Cases company had back in 1984! Then, adding the Mike Lane mods made it even better.

Next Up

 Issue 130 – Display: Plutonium Canisters/Rods/Lids/Stickers, Alarm Clock

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