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“… continue the assembly of the plutonium case which accompanies your DeLorean.”




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  • A Time Traveler’s Guide: Ice on the DeLorean


Plutonium Case (Body)

Step 1

Position one of the Handles on the side of the Plutonium Case (Body) as shown:

Step 2

Fit one of the Handle Covers over the Handle as shown:

Step 3

Secure the Handle Cover to the case with four (4) MP screws:

Step 4

Repeat the previous steps to attach the remaining Handle and Handle Cover to the other side of the case:

Step 5

Secure the two Catches to the front of the Plutonium Case (Body) with four (4) OP screws, as shown:


It is really nice that all of the labels and details are already printed on this! The case body is plastic, but the handle components are metal.

Running Total of screws used so far: 1148

Next Up

 Issue 129 – Display: Plutonium Case Lid Interior/Rod Holder/Padding, Straps, Main Hinge

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