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“… bring your DeLorean nearer to completion. You will need the reactor cover and Mr. Fusion parts that you assembled in Issue 04.”

This is a special issue to me as we will finish construction of the car itself. After this issue, it is all accessories.



Materials: All of the parts in this issue are plastic.


  • Drive Time: Model Instructions
  • The Main Attraction: Back to the Future at the Drive-in
  • A Time Traveler’s Guide: Lyon Estates


Completing the Exhaust Cowls

As in the previous issues, I weathered these uprights with Soot from my Tamiya Weathering Powders:

Steps 1-2

The Exhaust Cowl Uprights slide horizontally into the back of the cowls and slot into the vanes, like this:

Step 3A

Fit one of the Exhaust Cowl Bases under the Left Reactor Exhaust Cowl. Make sure it fits over the pin on this side:

Step 3B

On the other side, make sure the Exhaust Cowl Base fits over this pin as well.

You will have to flex the Exhaust Cowl Base to ‘stretch’ it over this second pin. Be careful you do not go to far and break this part or the pins:

You can repeat the previous steps to attach the other Exhaust Cowl Base to the right side cowl.

Step 4

Secure the left Exhaust Cowl Base into place with two (2) NP screws, one on each side.

After I test fit these cowl bases, I took them off and gave them the same weathering powder treatment as the cowls to blend in better. Then, I reinstalled them over the pins and added these screws:

Step 5

Secure the right Exhaust Cowl Base into place with two (2) NP screws, one on each side:

Step 6

Retrieve your Reactor Cover assembly from Issue 04 and fit it to the top of the Reactor Drum.

There is nothing that locks the cover into place here, it just kind of clicks into the Reactor Drum and can be rotated as necessary. On the real car, this is a different metal and color, so I gave it a brushing in Rust colored weathering powder to give it some extra contrast:

With this final part installed, our DeLorean is technically complete! However, our work is not done yet!

Fitting Mr. Fusion

You also have the choice of using the Mr. Fusion on your DeLorean. We built this assembly back in Issue 04.

The Reactor Cover is seen at the beginning of the first film and Mr. Fusion is seen from the end of the first film onward:

Step 1

To use Mr. Fusion, you need to remove the Reactor Cover assembly and these Short Cables (117B). Store these in case you want to go back to using the Reactor Cover at a later time:

Step 2

Then, you can slide the Mr. Fusion platform straight down over the Reactor Drum and between the exhaust cowls:

I will be using the Reactor Cover on my car as I feel the Mr. Fusion platform hides too many of the great little details that I enjoy. However, if you are going to use Mr. Fusion, I recommend getting your hands on this Mr. Fusion Fuel and Baseplate mod from Mike Lane. This consists of a couple of 1:8 scale banana peels and an empty Miller beer can… just what a hungry home energy reactor needs! He also includes a baseplate you mount to the bottom of the Mr. Fusion platform so you can drop these bits into Mr. Fusion without worry of losing them.


WOW, the car is done, I can hardly believe it. Even though it took over two years to get here, I love every bit of it! I customized this model more than any of my other builds and it was totally worth it. Alas, we are not done as there are still four issues left of the main build and a whole bunch of extension issues to get to.

Next Up

 Issue 127 – Display: Plutonium Case Lid/Catches/Plate/Handle

4 thoughts on “ISSUE 126”

  1. Please HELP! Finished issue 126 and none of my EL Wire Mods are working. Would you have an idea were to start. I followed instructions closely and all other lights and mods work. I didn’t have these earlier in the build to test and now I’m sick in the stomach. I don’t think I can unbuild enough to find the problem now but what’s a good place to start trouble shooting?

    1. I would look first at the connections around the inverter in the battery box. After that, my guess is the grounding wire connected to the EM circuit board might be on the wrong pin. In that case, you would have to open the car back up.

      1. Thanks Marvel I hope I can figure it out. Also thanks for building this amazing site, it has been my main resource for building this model and beside the el wires it turned out awesome. In the future are you planning on building the Jeep Willys from Eaglemoss?

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