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“[In this issue,] add details to the central reactor drum and fix it in place on the reactor platform.”




Materials: All of these parts are plastic.


  • Drive Time: Model Instructions
  • The Animated Series: Animated Adventures
  • A Time Traveler’s Guide: 1955?!!


Reactor Drum

Step 1

Fit one of the Reactor Drum Details into one of the recessed holes around the base of the Reactor Drum.

The screw hole in the Reactor Drum Detail goes at the bottom and the ‘pin’ should be at the top, as shown. On the real car, these actual parts varied but were usually Jameco 16513 heatsinks:

Step 2

Secure these parts together from below with one (1) CP screw:

Step 3

Repeat the previous steps fourteen more times to add the rest of the details around the drum:

Step 4

Feed the plug of the reactor’s LED Wire down through the square hole in the center of the Reactor Platform.

While this is not technically a Mod Zone, this is a ‘skip-forward’ step I did. These Reactor Cables are supplied in Issue 116:

I felt it would be more difficult to attach these once the Reactor Drum is mounted to the Reactor Platform, so I did it now. If you have that issue’s parts available, you may want to do the same. The 90-degree L-shaped ends fit into these four holes at the rear center of the Reactor Drum:

Then, I ran the plug/wire through the Reactor Platform:

Step 5

Fit the Reactor Drum into its central location on the Reactor Platform, as shown:

Step 6

Secure the Reactor Drum into place from below with two (2) BP screws:

Step 7

Carefully tuck the LED Wire into the groove along the underside of the Reactor Platform.

You may notice I used pieces of black electrical tape to keep this neatly in the groove:

Step 8

Secure the end of the LED Wire to the Reactor Platform with a Tab and one (1) KM screw:


Other than fiddling with 15 little reactor details that wiggle around, this was a fast issue. Looking good though!

Next Up

 Issue 115 – Reactor: Vent Connector, Mounts (Oil Separators), Cable Mount, Cable

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