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“Put together this important component for the DeLorean by following the step-by-step instructions.”

Now that the chassis is complete, it is time to start on the transmission! The movie cars had a 5-speed manual transmission, yet some builders have reported receiving an automatic transmission in error. Even though my shipment was delayed by three weeks, I was shipped the correct pieces the first time.



Materials: The three Transmission Case parts are metal, the Axle Mounts are plastic, and the Seals are rubber.


  • Drive Time: Model Instructions
  • Production Diary: Filming Doc’s House Interior
  • The Ethical Sports Car: John DeLorean’s Vision
  • A Time Traveler’s Guide: Crispin Glover


The Transmission

Step 1

Fit the Transmission Case End at the end of the Left Half Transmission Case. Align the screw holes and secure with two (2) AM screws.

This is your friendly reminder to try using 3-in-One Oil on all screws going into metal:

Step 2

Push one of the Axle Mounts into one of the Seals.

This just fits on there loosely and will be held in place by the next step:

Step 3

Push this assembly into the indicated hole of the Left Half Transmission Case and secure with one (1) EP screw.

This screw was a little bugger and was not easy to hold on to, but it will seat all the way. If you need help, my page about The Screws may be useful.

When done, the Axle Mount should be level with the case:

Step 4

Push the other Axle Mount into the other Seal.

This was just a repeat of the same steps on the other side of the case:

Step 5

Push this assembly into the indicated hole of the Right Half Transmission Case and secure with one (1) EP screw.

This is both completed assemblies. They were just the same process on both sides:

Step 6

Fit the Left Half Transmission Case and Right Half Transmission Case together. Insert two (2) DM screws into the holes and tighten.

I recommend pre-threading any metal screws, and this one definitely needed it:


The transmission is complete! I am happy this shipment was held until they had the correct version. I just hope they send the correct transmission mounts later on.

Next Up

 Issue 17 – Engine: Forward/Lower Engine Casing, Sump Pan, Bell Housing, Starter

5 thoughts on “ISSUE 16”

  1. Is this the correct manual transmission? I have this exact one though I have been sent the wrong bracket mounts. I informed them of this and was sent new brackets though they still don’t fit?

    1. I do have the manual transmission, but Eaglemoss has messed up the mounts with many builders. They keep sending people the automatic brackets.

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