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“Follow these step-by-step instructions to add the last of the four wheels to your DeLorean.”

With this issue, we build and mount the right rear tire (a mirror of Issue 13).





  • Drive Time: Model Instructions
  • Production Diary: Week 12 at the Clock Tower
  • The Star Car: The DeLorean DMC-12 and its creator John DeLorean
  • A Time Traveler’s Guide: George McFly’s First Novel

The second binder has arrived, but this one was not free. Each binder sent now costs $7.99 USD, but you can cancel them if you like.


The Wheel

Step 1

Push the Rim snugly into the Tire.

The Rim is metal and the Tire is made of flexible rubber with nice accurate tread detail. The position of the Rim within the Tire will affect how the Hubcap valve stem and lug bolts line up later on, so take note if this concerns you. The real car does not have this concern, so neither do I.

Step 2

Press the Hubcap into the Rim.

The Hubcap goes on the reverse side of the Rim pictured above, and will only fit onto the 3 screws holes in one orientation:

Attach with three (3) BP screws from the reverse side.

Fitting The Wheel To The Frame

Step 1

Push the completed wheel onto the Rear Brake Disc added in Issue 14. Fit the Washer onto one (1) GM screw and tighten in place. Finally, press the Hub into the hole.

I recommend to not put the Hub in yet since the wheels may loosen as the build continues and getting the Hub out again is not easy once the wheels are mounted. An even better solution is to replace all your Hubs with Mike Lane’s Magnetic Wheel Caps!

Now that all four wheels are completed, I went ahead with some extra mods. This included paint and Mike Lane mods. Check out my Wheel Works page for details!


And with that done, all of the wheels are mounted! The total weight of this assembly is up to about 3.25 Lbs (1.47 Kg). We will be building the engine and transmission for the next 11 issues, so this entire Frame will not be used again until Issue 26. Please handle it gently and put it somewhere safe for a few months.

Next Up

 Issue 16 – Engine: Transmission Case

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