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“With this issue, you receive parts that make up the bottom plate of your DeLorean. Keep any unused parts, as you will need them for a future assembly.”




Materials: The only metal part is the Bottom Plate and the rest is plastic.


  • Drive Time: Model Instructions
  • The Future Girl: The story of Claudia Wells
  • Driving The Time Machine: The Delorean was not comfortable
  • Becoming Marty: Michael J. Fox’s commitments to Family Ties
  • A Time Traveler’s Guide: Lea Thompson


The Bottom Plate is part of the frame/chassis and therefore was painted with Tamiya Fine Surface Primer in Light Grey. However, there are four recessed circular areas that are supposed to be holes on the real car (with the steering rack bolts showing). In order to keep these from being painted, I used a toothpick to drop in some rubber cement to temporarily mask them off:

After the primer coat, I used a toothpick to pull out the rubber cement ‘plugs’ and painted the exposed nuts in Tamiya XF-16 Flat Aluminum:

Anti-Roll Bar Mounts

Steps 1a-b

Attach the Left Anti-Roll Bar Base to the Bottom Plate as shown with two (2) AP screws:

Steps 2a-b

Attach the Right Anti-Roll Bar Base to the Bottom Plate as shown with two (2) AP screws:


This was another really quick issue. As in the previous issue, we didn’t use all of the parts. The Anti-Roll Bar and the rest of the pieces will be used in Issue 10. Keep these parts safe until then.

Next Up

 Issue 09 – Wheels: Front Tire/Wheel (Single)

8 thoughts on “ISSUE 08”

  1. Hello,
    About the re-painting with Tamiya Fine Surface Primer in Light Grey, and more generally all the repainting done along theses first nine steps/issues, do you directly apply the new paint/primer on the original paint or do you pre-process the parts (paint removing ? sanding ?).
    Thank you.

    1. Other than washing the parts in water and mild soap and letting thoroughly dry, I paint right over the existing paint. The new paint doesn’t need to be very thick to adequately change the color, so it does not interfere with assembly.

  2. I’m confused on what exactly you painted flat aluminum: I get that you covered the 4-holes in the center to keep the original black color. But I don’t see any nuts – I see screw holes…

    1. On the real car, these are just holes. However, they are access holes for the nuts that hold the steering rack in place. You can see them here:
      DeLorean Front Undercarriage

  3. Eaglemoss has just resumed shipping the DeLorean, taking me to this stage of the build finally, after 1-year on hold due to distribution problems.
    In the photo of the real car above, shows the anti-roll bar is held in with what looks like bras brackets. I was wondering why you chose not to paint yours bras as well?

    1. I saw anti-roll bar brackets in both colors (black and brass) so, just to keep it easy I left them black.

  4. Just a warning to others, the rubber cememt tip did more harm than good for me. In hindsight, I used “contact cement”, which is not the same thing. That’s probably where I went wrong, so if you dare to attempt this, pay attention to what you use to mask. It masked well, but as I picked it off, it came out in many gooey sticky pieces, and removing it with tweezers and toothpicks took the black paint with it.

    I covered my mistake by spraying the whole thing again in primer and then using a toothpick dipped in Tamiya black to create “the holes” again. Then I used a hobby knife to gently scrape off “the nuts” in the center to see that bare aluminum shine through. And only the folks who read this comment will ever know I screwed up 🙂

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