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“With this issue, you receive the parts that make up the steering rack for your DeLorean. Keep any unused parts, as you will need them for a future assembly.”

This is the first issue of our 3rd shipment of parts. Let’s go!



Materials: This issue’s parts are entirely metal, except for the rubber Boots.


  • Drive Time: Model Instructions
  • No Slacking: James Tolkan as Principal Strickland
  • Into The Vortex: Pre-production artwork for the time travel sequence
  • Michael J. Fox: The dreams of a small boy from Canada
  • A Time Traveler’s Guide: George McFly


Since the Front Plate is part of the frame/chassis, I painted it with Tamiya Fine Surface Primer in Light Grey:

The tie rods of the Steering Rack on the real car are typically black or brass colored. I thought a little contrast would look good, so I decided to paint them in brass. After masking off the ends, I gave them a coat of Model Master 4672 Brass acrylic paint. I tested a few different colors such as Gold, Gold Leaf, etc. and settled on this brass as being pretty close to the real thing. The DM and AP screws for the tie rod ends and Anti-Roll Bar mounts (from Issue 10) received the same treatment:

The Steering Rack

Step 1

Attach the Pinion onto the Steering Rack with one (1) FM screw.

The Pinion should be able to move under the screw, so I tightened it just enough to still allow movement. This also is your friendly reminder to try using 3-in-One Oil on all screws going into metal:

Step 2

Attach the Pull Rod to the Steering Rack with one (1) FM screw.

As before, the Pull Rod should be able to move, so I did not over-tighten the screw:

Step 3-4

Slide the Boots onto the ends of the Steering Rack and push them on until they stop.

The smooth end (without ribs) of the Boot goes towards the center of the Steering Rack:

Make sure both the Pinion and Pull Rod angle up and away from the Steering Rack:


We didn’t use all of the supplied parts, but don’t worry, it will all come together when we get to Issue 10. Keep these parts safe until then.

Next Up

 Issue 08 – Suspension: Anti-Roll Bar, Bottom Plate

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  1. Just starting my build and find your site to be outstanding. Quick question. When you are painting parts like the front plate, are you painting both sides even if that side won’t be visible? Seems like a silly question I know. Just curious your thought process on things like that.

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