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“With the rear section, bumper and license plate of your DeLorean already assembled, it’s time to start building the car’s iconic unpainted steel shell. First up is the driver-side wing with its trim…”

This left front fender is a nicely brushed piece of aluminum and looks beautiful!



Materials: The Driver-Side Wing is metal, but the rest is black plastic.


  • Drive Time: Model Instructions
  • Back to the First Draft: Bob Gale’s Screenplay
  • Time Travel Consultant: Delorean designer Ron Cobb
  • A Time Traveler’s Guide: The Hill Valley clock tower


The Front Wing

Step 1

Attach the Black Trim (Long) to the Driver-Side Wing with two (2) AP screws.

There is a small pin on the Black Trim that will only let you align it in one orientation:

The Trim

Step 1

Attach the Black Trim (Short) to the Driver-Side Wing with one (1) AP screw.

This Black Trim also has a small pin that will only let you align it in one orientation:

On my model, this piece did not sit flush, so I trimmed the pin down a little bit to get it closer to the body:

The Lights

Step 1

Place the Lights panels into the Frame.

Notice the orientation of part 1-H (rear center light). It will not sit flush if inserted incorrectly:

Steps 2-3

Slide the assembled tail light Frame tab into the Upper Rear Section (from Issue 01).

It is usually easier to do this with both parts upside down so the loose Lights panels do not fall out of the frame.

Then, attach the tail light Frame to the Upper Rear Section with one (1) BP screw:

The Bumper

Step 1

Attach the Plate Base (from Issue 01) to the Upper Rear Section with two (2) AP screws.

You can play with the tightness of these two screws and the tail light frame screws to get them all straight across the body:

I returned to this issue to install another great Mike Lane mod in the form of little black stickers from his Decal Set III. Underneath the Rear Bumper are eight small slits in the Lower Rear Section. On the real DeLorean, these are open holes. As most builders would not want to cut into the metal, Mike came up with these decals to give the illusion of holes. I used pointed tweezers to align them into each slot:

Once completed, this is the result. A nice touch!


This completes Issue 02. It was short and fairly easy, except for the slight cutting I did on the trim pin. We will not use these parts again until MUCH later in the build (Issue 76 for the fender and Issue 92 for the bumper), so keep them somewhere safe.

Next Up

 Issue 03 – Wheels: Front Tire/Wheel (Single)

7 thoughts on “ISSUE 02”

  1. Thanks for all the info. I jst got my first shipment and I’m really excited thanx to your preview of what’s coming next.
    BTW how much does the Delorean weigh in the end?

  2. Cool thanx, just woundering cuz I thought it be cool to eventually hang it from the ceiling in flight mode maybe with a scale sized twin transparent tie Doc figure from the beginning of BTTFII in the drivers seat. But with it that heavy idk lol.

    1. While that might look cool and there is line/wire that would support the model’s weight, I couldn’t imagine hanging my two+ years of work and detailing time up in the air! It is not really designed for it either.

  3. Very weird about my Issue #2.

    The book has totally different instructions and parts from what was actually sent. There is a mismatch between the book and parts sent.

    Parts match what you have built, but the book is very different asking the builder to use CP screws for the long and short black trim. Also, the book says to screw on a junction box to the bodywork, but the delivered parts doesn’t include such a thing.

    I bought the kit many years ago so maybe that’s why things don’t match.

    1. Actually, it is because the first few magazines were printed using the trial parts, then the production parts didn’t quite match. Happened to all of us.

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