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“Start building your scale model DeLorean DMC-12 (with modifications) by assembling the rear bumper section and lights, and attaching that iconic ‘OUTATIME’ numberplate.”

This is where it all begins! I was happy to see that the model kicks off with one of the most recognizable pieces of the car: the rear bumper.

If you haven’t seen it yet, I recommend reading through my Getting Started page first.



Materials: Here I will describe the materials the supplied parts are made of. All of the screws are metal, so I will not mention them. For instance, in this issue, only the Upper Rear Section is metal, while the rest of the parts are plastic.

  • Phillips Head Screwdriver (appears to be size #000 or 1.5mm)

  • Drive Time: Model Instructions
  • The Futurist: Bob Gale Interview
  • Time Trials: Delorean Design Process
  • A History of the Future: Part 1
Introducing The Model

A 4-page color leaflet with photos of the completed model and features

Life-Size Photographs

A 3-page foldout with full size color images of the model and the final dimensions:

  • 20.7″ Long
  • 9.1″ Wide
  • 5.6″ Tall (9.6″ with doors open)
Exploded Diagram

A 21″ x 16″ color poster of the model’s parts separated by sections:

  • Front Section
  • Body & Rear Section
  • Door & Side Section
  • Timetravel Unit


The Rear

Step 1

Attach the Upper Rear Section and Lower Rear Section together with four (4) BP screws.

TIP: In case you need it, I have a full listing of the different screws and which issues they come in on The Screws page.

The Upper Rear Section is solid zinc and has some good heft to it. It really gives you an idea of how big and how heavy this model will be:

The Lights

Step 1

Place the Lights panels into the Frame.

Notice the orientation of part 1-H (rear center light):

Steps 2-3

Slide the assembled tail light Frame tab into the Upper Rear Section.

It is usually easier to do this with both parts upside down so the loose Lights panels do not fall out of the frame.

Attach the tail light Frame to the Upper Rear Section with one (1) BP screw.

The instructions show two screws, but you will only use one for this. Save the other one for the left tail light coming up in Issue 02:

The Plate

Step 1

Place the ‘AUG’ and ‘Year’ tags on the Numberplate.

Two of each sticker are provided, just in case. A good pair of precision tweezers works wonders here! Unfortunately, the stickers themselves have a terrible sparkle background and are not very legible, especially the ‘AUG’ month decal. 

NOTE: I have since updated this license plate with Mike Lane’s Magnetic Licence Plate mod; see my Mod Zone at the end of this issue.

Step 2

Attach Numberplate to Plate Base with two (2) AP screws:

Step 3

Attach the Plate Holder to the Plate Base with two (2) AP screws:

The Bumper

Step 1

Carefully align the tabs and snap the Rear Bumper into the Lower Rear Section.

This Rear Bumper piece is going to be removed again in Issue 92, so you may not want to snap it in at this point if you don’t think you are comfortable with taking it back off.

This is the first of many Mod Zone sections you will find throughout my site. These are custom modifications I chose to add and are not included with the DeLorean build. Right after I started my subscription, I ordered many items from Mike Lane such as his plastic Magnetic Licence Plates. NOTE: This plastic version of the license plates has since been upgraded and replaced by Mike’s Die-cast Licence Plates!

This includes a new detailed OUTATIME plate, futuristic bar code 2015 plate, magnetic stickers, and a removal tool. This mod was installed long after this issue was completed, so here are are the steps to install it:

First, I removed the two (2) AP screws holding the Numberplate in place from The Plate: Step 2 above. This was done without disassembling anything else. Then, I grabbed the bag with the single magnet sticker:

I peeled the backing from the magnetic sticker and stuck it into the recess where the Numberplate used to be:

Then I removed the OUTATIME license plate from the other bag and simply dropped it right into place. Mike had already applied the much clearer registration tag decals to it. And just like that, we are done!

I think this new Mike Lane plate is a major improvement over the original version. You can actually read the registration tags and it  has the four mounting holes printed on it. You can then use the supplied removal tool (a guitar pick) to easily remove the plate and swap in the included 2015 future barcode version if you’d so choose. The detail on these plates is fantastic!

Alternatively, Mike Lane also includes a magnetic option to update the stock plate. He even includes a double set of extra registration tags to swap out the awful original stickers. You can see the new tags here along with the original plate (with the original registration tags removed). These new tags are also part of Mike’s Vinyl Stickers Set I, sold separately:

I put the new tags on, then in the bag with the removal tool, I found another magnetic sticker:

I peeled the backing off the magnetic sticker and placed it on the back of the original Numberplate:

Now, you can quickly and painlessly swap between all three license plates as you so choose. All thanks to Mike Lane!

UPDATE Jan 31, 2020: Mike Lane no longer sells the original plastic license plates above. This is because he has upgraded them to the new metal Die-cast Licence Plates! Here is a photo and a link to the install I did after the car was completed:


This completes our first issue! So far, the build seems very straightforward and we are off to a great start. The pieces seem very well made and highly detailed, even down to the DMC logo on the tail light lens. Set these assemblies safely aside for use in the next issue.

Next Up

 Issue 02 – Body: Left Wing (Fender), Left Tail Light

10 thoughts on “ISSUE 01”

  1. Pretty cool. I started mine this year. I have the first 2 installments. Gotta check the aftermarket stuff too. I agree the reg stickers SUCK!

  2. For those of you who are just starting their DeLorean build, you’re lucky to have found this site when you did. This site is the best step-by-step guide and the only resource you will ever need to guide you through what can sometimes be a very confusing and difficult build. Many of you will build your DeLorean as is, and that’s great, but this site covers mods and painting beyond the basic kit that will really make your model special in easy to follow instruction. Should you need hard to find reference photographs to help you with some of the finer details you can find those here, Thank you, MarvelPhx, for your hard work and helping the community build a better DeLorean!

  3. I just received Issue 1! Can’t wait to start building; but I want to wait till I receive the Modifications from Mike Lane. I’ve order his Labels (as of 2021, he has combined all this labels into 1 pack), and I also ordered his License Plate modification.
    So until those arrive, I’m in limbo.
    I’ll be following your process as I proceed through the build. I want to modify as I build….

  4. Thanks for all the info. Idk if this is the right place to ask a question but I’ve just got my first 2 kits. After assembling It turned out there where some extra screws. Are they just extra or will I need them latter on in assembly? I hope they are extra cuz I lost the 2 unused AP screws. Thanx

    1. Yes, there will always be one or two extra screws of each type at the end of the issue. They are spares. Don’t worry, you will have tons of spare screws left over by the end of the build.

  5. Thanks for all the info. I jst got my first shipment and I’m really excited thanx to your preview of what’s coming next.
    BTW how much does the Delorean weigh in the end?

  6. I am interested in buying this, but am not too sure about the subscription process. It says each assembly stage is $13.99–does that mean each shipment I get will be that cost, or will each phase of the assembly cost $13.99? There are “158 assembly stages,” so does that mean I am going to spend $2200 on a Delorean model with some magazines included?

    1. It means each issue is $13.99 plus shipping & handling and typically four issues in each shipment per month. If it is priced like my Iron Man via Fanhome, it is roughly $65 per month for four issues.

  7. The decals from Mike Lane I see you have them shown as set 1 set 2 and set 3. I just got in the mail decal set 2 from them that I ordered. It came with the 5 sheets shown on there website, so do I know have all 3 decal sets or just decal set 2?

    1. I ordered my decal set from Mike Lane in 2018, more than 4 years ago. I think he has changed them a bit since them. I am sure he would gladly answer any questions you might have about the differences.

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