During the build up of this 1:8 scale Back to the Future DeLorean partwork model, we will install hundreds of parts and screws. I thought it would be interesting to put a page together that tracked the number of parts and screws supplied in each issue. I have included ‘running totals’ as well.

NOTE: These numbers are for the stock build and do not include tools, spare screws, or any changes because of mods.

IssueContentsPartsRunning TotalScrewsRunning Total
01Rear Bumper131399
02Front Wing and Rear Lights821615
03Front Wheel627318
04Reactor and Mr. Fusion15421937
05Left Front Suspension10521249
06Right Front Suspension10621261
07Steering Rack668263
08Anti-Roll Bar Mounts472467
09Front Wheel577370
11Engine Support9871499
12Left Rear Suspension119810109
13Rear Wheel51034113
14Right Rear Suspension1111310123
15Rear Wheel51184127
27Horn, Radiator Fans72206252
29Chassis Plate22258270
30Water Pipes823310280
31Chassis Plates223514294
32Fuel Tank52409303
33Fuel Tank22426309
34Chassis Front Upper22447316
35Front Wheel Arches22464320
37Rear Wheel Arches225210332
38Chassis and Wiring142667339
39Chassis and Wiring122786345
40Pedals and Floor1229013358
41Center Console72976364
42Center Console1130810374
43Time Circuits93179383
47Steering Column and Dashboard933913411
48Dashboard Wiring123514415
49Seat Belts and Cables1836911426
50Driver's Seat1037913439
51Passenger Seat1038913452
56Circuit Board94274483
57Bulkhead (Upper)1143811494
58Flux Capacitor104489503
59Bulkhead (Upper)945714517
60Roof Frame74642519
61Luggage Compartment Frame446810529
64Hood Frame648411556
65Luggage Compartment Interior649017573
66Door Catches2251214587
67Door Details135259596
68Door Lights75324600
69Door Details854016616
70Fitting the Door45448624
71Door Details135579633
72Door Lights75644637
73Door Details857216653
74Fitting the Door45768661
75Roof (Centre)35797668
76Front Fenders358211679
77Left Side Rear Panel25842681
78Left Side Rear Panel1059418699
79Right Side Rear Panel25962701
80Right Side Rear Panel1060618719
81Engine Surround56112721
82Engine Surround1762816737
83Engine Surround1664417754
84Engine Bay1065420774
85Engine Bay465819793
86Roof Interior56634797
87Roof Interior1467718815
88Roof Interior668310825
89Engine Cover36864829
90Engine Cover969511840
91Air Filter/Wiring1070522862
92Tail Lights87137869
93Headlight Surround872110879
94Valance and Grille272313892
95Bumper, Lights and Brackets973214906
96Valance - Left Side27342908
97Valance - Right Side27362910
98Power Coil Lighting97456916
99Power Coil Frame/Grilles474918934
100Cable/Wires - Front Left47531935
101Cable/Wires - Left Side107637942
102Cable/Wires - Front Right47671943
103Cable/Wires - Right Side107775948
104Junction Box - Top Left Side57823951
105Junction Box - Top Right Side57873954
106LEDs, Cables and Support Bar77946960
107Power Coils980330990
108Power Coils9812301020
109Time Field Generator982161026
110Spare Tire782831029
111Reactor Platform583351034
112Reactor Components1184491043
113Reactor Drum685021045
114Reactor Drum16866181063
115Reactor Components587171070
116Reactor Drum Cables487501070
117Reactor Cables387801070
118Reactor Pipes and Details488261076
119Reactor Exhaust Pipes8890141090
120Reactor Vent Pipes689601090
121Reactor Exhaust Cowl - Left289801090
122Reactor Exhaust Vanes - Left4902131103
123Reactor Exhaust Cowl - Right290401103
124Reactor Exhaust Vanes - Right5909131116
125Reactor Cables1392281124
126Reactor Exhaust Vanes - Rear492641128
127Plutonium Case Lid593181136
128Plutonium Case Body7938121148
129Plutonium Case6944201168
130Plutonium Case4999301168
131Emergency Time Circuits499721170
132First Railroad Tie5100241174
133Rail and Chairs5100741178
134Time Circuit Box141021131191
135Railroad Tie, Rail, and Chairs51026141205
136Second Rail5103181213
137Emergency Time Circuits34106571220
138Third Railroad Tie5107061226
139Connecting the Rail5107541230
140Time Circuit Box22109761236
141Fourth Railroad Tie51102141250
142Continuing the Rail5110781258
143Continuing the Time Circuits23113091267
144Fifth Railroad Tie5113561273
145Continuing the Rail5114041277
146First Railroad Wheel4114421279
147Emergency Time Circuits191163141293
148Sixth Railroad Tie51168141307
149Continuing the Rail5117381315
150Second Railroad Wheel4117721317
151Emergency Time Circuits121189101327
152Seventh Railroad Tie5119461333
153Continuing the Rail5119941337
154Third Railroad Wheel4120321339
155Emergency Time Circuits17122001339
156Eighth Railroad Tie31223121351
157Continuing the Rail5122881359
158Fourth Railroad Wheel4123261365
159Complete Guide0123201365

3 thoughts on “THE PARTS”

  1. Hi, I am after the last 42 issues of the Delorian build . I’m in Melbourne Australia can you help with this ?

    1. Unfortunately, I don’t sell issues. I would imagine that Fanhome will open up to new countries soon, but no idea when. You could also try to get parts from Amazon Japan like I did.

  2. I’m after Part no. 72B small window for door, it was missing in magazine and I could never get it off the supplier. I’m in Australia

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