Everything needed to build the model is supplied as we go, but I have put together a list of items that I found that improve the experience. These are just suggestions, there is no need to do it exactly this way.

Work Space

This model is going to take a long time to build, so having a good work space to assemble it is important. I created a dedicated location with a small table and laid down a self-healing 24×36″ craft mat by Dahle:

Dahle Vantage 24″x36″ Self-Healing Cutting Mat

This has a nice blue background with a 1/2″ grid, imperial and metric rulers, and is big enough to cover the entire model.

Screwdriver Set

A few basic tools are provided along with the issues. For example, Issue 01 includes a size #000 Phillips screwdriver, Issue 10 includes a size #0 Phillips screwdriver, Issue 60 includes a size #1 Phillips screwdriver, and Issue 19 includes some simple tweezers. I found that these tools are not that great, so instead I used this precision screwdriver/tool set by ORIA:

ORIA 86 in 1 Precision Screwdriver Set

This set has many other useful tools such as different sharp-point tweezers, razor knife, magnetizing block, pry tools, etc.

Another screwdriver set I recently picked up is fantastic, but it does not contain any of the other tools. This is the iFixit Manta Driver Kit:

Then, I finally got my hands on a set of amazing Wera Kraftform Phillip-head screwdrivers. These things are nearly indestructible:

Wera 2050 PH/4 Kraftform Micro Phillips Precision Screwdriver Set


This model is assembled using hundreds of tiny screws. I even created a dedicated Screws page with a ton of information about them all. The screws are marked with designations like AP, BP, AM, CM, etc.  As there will be at least 16 types of plastic screws (AP-PP) and at least 19 types of metal screws (AM-SM), keeping them organized is extremely helpful. And, since extra screws are supplied in every issue, you will need someplace to store them all.

I bought a cheap 36-slot organizer from Amazon but any similar product would work fine. I taped the small designation labels included with the screw bags into each compartment to keep everything tidy.

36 Grid Storage Organizer

Lubricating Oil

I still recommend pre-threading all of the metal holes with the correct screw before attaching things into place. This simply involves driving the intended screw into each hole and removing it before actually fastening anything together. The screws are made of harder metal than the die-cast parts so they should create threads in the metal. This will make the actual connection straighter and easier to use.

However, a game-changer for the metal screws is to pick up some 3-in-One Multi-Purpose Oil and add a tiny drop to the tip of each metal screw (or into the hole). Using this, the metal screws feed much easier and won’t bind, break, and strip nearly as often.

Helpful Details

I have put a couple of pages together to help explain some of the build’s more complex pieces and the colors I changed:

  • The Screws – A listing of every screw used in the build
  • The Wiring – A listing of the wiring numbers, what they are for, and which switch controls them
  • The Colors – A listing of all the paints, washes, and markers used

Custom Modifications (Mods)

If you plan on modifying your car, you may want to look into some of the many mods available to us before you start building.

See my MODS page for details.

The Community

Finally, there are a lot of other 1:8 scale Back to the Future DeLorean partwork model builders online where you can learn more about the kit, build tips and tricks, videos, ask questions, and join discussions. Don’t be a stranger, we are friendly!

YouTube Channels

I found a few channels that are a great presentation of the build and may help provide insight into what it takes to build this model:

World of Wayne

This set of videos from Wayne Green documents his build of the DeLorean over in the UK. His videos are fantastic and provide a lot of detail and camera angles for each issue. He has also installed many of the aftermarket mods.

The life of Brien

This set of videos features follows Dave Brien as he builds the DeLorean, also in the UK. This is a great series for the first-time builder and also features many of the aftermarket mods.


Finally, we have Brad here in the US. He is not as far along as the others, but he does a lot of customization, paint work, and is detail oriented. I understand this passion myself, so these hit home for me. Sadly, it appears he stopped his build after Issue 97.

No Concept of Time: The Show

This last set of videos follows Joe Walser and his son as they build the DeLorean. Mr. Walser lead the restoration of the actual ‘A’ car used in the movies (and helped design our model). He also adds a lot of fun information and clips along the way. Unfortunately, it appears that he stopped posting these videos after Issue 89.

Facebook Groups

There are also Facebook groups dedicated to the build. There is a ton of information and help to be found. Some of the groups I visit are:

Build the BTTF DeLorean by Fanhome – Partwork Central

Next Up

 Issue 01 – Body: Rear Section, Right Tail Light, Numberplate (License Plate)

38 thoughts on “GETTING STARTED”

  1. Thank you for these webpages full with build- and mods information. I will start building from this week on and i am happy i know when i need to buy the mods i plan to install thanks to your information. I hope you see this series through to the end. Happy building and again: thank you from Maastricht, the Netherlands.

  2. A little late to the party, but I just found this very valuable info. This will help me build one of our favorite cars!

    Hoping to install many mods too, as you suggest.

  3. Do you recommend any specific polish that can be used on the car? I’ve noticed that my car has started getting black spots over time. Let me know any recommendations.

    1. I have not encountered this issue (yet), so I would not know what is safe to use on the metal body panels. I am pretty sure they are zinc, but with a ‘aluminium’ finish on them that could be really thin. You might want to ask the DeLorean Facebook group.

  4. Very helpful site and a MUST for anyone building the DeLorean. I’ve followed all of your color recommendations (sans the screws) and I’m very happy with the results so far. Great effort on your part. Thank you!

  5. Hi. Next friday i’ll start to build the Delorean. I’m very excited about it, and really found these pages very, very useful. THANK YOU VERY MUCH…

    1. I verified the links are correct, but it could be that you are not in the USA. In that case, your local Amazon site will try to find the nearest match.

  6. I changed the URL to .com and it says it’s out of stock lol Looks like the blue one in that size is hard to get.

    Yeah I know, I just really liked the blue one.

  7. The Wera 2050 PH/4 Kraftform Micro Phillips Precision Screwdriver Set is also out of stock. I am trying to purchase the screwdrivers separately or as an incomplete set (as the PH1 is always missing) and then buy that one to complete the set, if that makes sense. But… I am not sure of the size, there is a PH1 with 60mm and a PH1 with 80mm. Can you confirm the sizes of all the screwdrivers?

    I am trying buy everything outlined in your guide. Good stuff.

  8. Ah, I think yours are 60mm judging by the codes I can see written on the screwdrivers, i.e 118023 (PH1). Can you confirm? Does it even matter the length of the screwdriver bit?

  9. Ok so the top 2 screwdrivers in that photo are 60mm and the 2 underneath those are 40mm (you can clearly see they are of different sizes in the photo, but also the numbered codes represent this on the screwdrivers respectively). Not sure what you actually received with your order (there are also 80mm) but I should imagine the length of them shouldn’t matter when building the Eaglemoss Delorean.

  10. Hi, are you able to create a list of all of the different materials you used to mod the delorean? For instance you used a braided hose. I’m hoping to follow your build but wanted to buy any other materials in advance. Thanks

  11. Just wondering if anyone has had the problem of the wheels falling off it’s seems the screws are to small plus the magnets seem to weak also

  12. I’m not finish build that car I’m very upsetting they gone out of business how can I get it finish build

    1. has taken over the DeLorean and is allowing people to restart their subscription from any issue.

  13. After just ten issues, I can say unequivocally the best piece of advice on here is get the screw organizer. Good idea using the bag label to mark each compartment. Really makes prepping for an assembly easy.

  14. Im bad at calculating scale, but if i have a 7” Doc Brown figure would that be close to the the same scale as the Delorean im building?

  15. At the moment im building both the Delorean and the 59 Caddie Ecto1. Ive gotten boxes to devide my screws into like you suggested. But i was wondering that between the 2 kits do all the screws match? BM-BM For instance can i pour all the screws labeled the same in the same little box thingies?
    Btw im using both your BTTF and ECTO1 sites as instructions wial building. Thank you so very much 😀

      1. Oh ok, but they look very similar so far. I might just still organize them but leave them all in there little baggies for now.

        Have you done any other builds like this, like the DB5 from Goldfinger, or Charger from FATF?

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