Bill Green Mods!

Thanks to the wonderful people over at the Build the BTTF DeLorean – 1:8 Custom Parts Facebook group, I was introduced to Bill Will Green. Bill creates a simple, yet fantastic mod for this 1:8 scale Back to the Future DeLorean partwork build-up.

This is a pair of vacuum formed headliners for our model! The stock headliners have four screw heads exposed and, when the doors are displayed open, it is very unsightly. This mod covers them with thin 0.25mm molded polystyrene painted in Plastikote grey primer to better match the interior. They are attached with double-sided adhesive tape that he pre-installs. Bill even includes a 1:8 scale ‘Save The Clock Tower’ flyer with purchase! The picture above doesn’t really show it, but the flyer is printed on the correct light blue paper. If you are interested, reach out to him via Facebook at Bill Will Green.

I am going to keep these safe until I receive Issues 70 and Issue 74 when the doors are installed. Thank you Bill!

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