At a Standstill

During the build of my Eaglemoss 1:8 scale Back to the Future DeLorean partwork model, there have been occasional delays in receiving issues. Up until a few months ago, these delays have been maybe a month. I understand there can be supply issues, however, this has become crazy! It has been almost four months since I was able to continue my build and other builders have been waiting almost a year. This was even before the COVID-19 pandemic shook the world and screwed up logistics everywhere.

Interestingly enough, after a subscriber reaches about halfway into the build, Eaglemoss will automatically skip any unavailable issues and ship what they have instead. Therefore, each month, I have been receiving various issues with a lot of gaps. Just recently, they shipped me Issue 159… the very last issue of the extended build. They never even asked if I wanted the extension issues. I guess it is nice to see the end, but with so many issues missing along the way, I am at a standstill in my build.

I know that many missing issues may be found on Amazon Japan under DeAgostini and I may end up going that route, but I really want Eaglemoss to fix this. Unfortunately, that means I cannot share my build experiences with my visitors until at least issue 75+ shows up. Until then, I have composed a list of the issues missing from my build and where I end up getting them. I wonder what they will try to send me next month…

IssueContentsSourced From:
75Central Roof Panel, Power Coil BracketsFB - Paul B.
76Front Fender/Trim (Right)FB - Paul B.
77Rear Quarter Panel/Vent (Left)FB - Paul B.
79Rear Quarter Panel/Vent (Right), Replacement Steering ShaftFB - Paul B.
80Rear Quarter Panel Vent/Trim/Lens, Power Coil Brackets (Right)FB - Paul B.
84Engine Bay Center/Left/Right, Support, Bar, Tank/CapAmazon Japan
85Engine Bay Back, Front Body Rear Panel, Engine LampAmazon Japan
86Roof Panel, Emergency Handle/Cable, Silver BoxAmazon Japan
87Upper Control Panels, Keypad, Sun Visors, LEDsAmazon Japan
88Outer Seat Belts, Seat Belt Panels, Interior PanelsAmazon Japan
90Engine Cover Latch/Stay, Air Intake PipesAmazon Japan
92Tail Light LEDs, Engine Bay LEDFB - Arish Q.
95Front Bumper, Power Coil Brackets, Turn Signal Light CoversAmazon Japan
96Valance (Left Side), Door Step (Left)Amazon Japan
97Valance (Right Side), Door Step (Right)Amazon Japan
99Front Power Coil Frame/GrillesAmazon Japan
100Front Power Coil Wiring (Left)Amazon Japan
101Side Power Coil Tube/Mesh/Wiring (Left)Amazon Japan
102Front Power Coil Wiring (Right)Amazon Japan
103Side Power Coil Tube/Mesh/Wiring (Right)Amazon Japan
104Rear Power Coil Junction Box/Filaments (Left)Amazon Japan
105Rear Power Coil Junction Box/Filaments (Right)Amazon Japan
129Plutonium Case Lid Interior/Rod Holder/Padding, Straps, Main HingeAmazon Japan
130Plutonium Canisters/Rods/Lids/Stickers, Alarm ClockAmazon Japan
131Time Circuit Box, LED Ribbon and SwitchFB - Paul B.
132Railroad Tie/Ends, ConnectorsFB - Sean T.
133Rail, Rail ChairsFB - Laurens V.
134Time Circuit Components, Base Plate, Battery CoverFB - Michael M.
135Railroad Tie/Ends, ConnectorsFB - Laurens V.
136Rail, Rail ChairsFB - Laurens V.
137Time Circuit Components
138Railroad Tie/Ends, ConnectorsFB - Laurens V.
139Rail, Rail ChairsFB - Laurens V.
140Time Circuit Components
141Railroad Tie/Ends, ConnectorsFB - Laurens V.
142Rail, Rail ChairsFB - Laurens V.
143Time Circuit Components
144Railroad Tie/Ends, ConnectorsFB - Laurens V.
145Rail, Rail ChairsFB - Sean T.
146Railroad Wheel/Center/Nut/Washer (Front)FB - Sean T.
155Time Circuit Straps/Buckles, Rubber Bands, Pipes
156Railroad Tie/Ends, ConnectorsFB - Laurens V.
157Rail, Rail ChairsFB - Laurens V.
158Railroad Wheel/Center/Nut/Washer (Rear)

UPDATE May 12, 2020: I caved and ordered 9 issues from Amazon Japan. Other than a few sections of their website that would not translate from Japanese, it was a pretty painless experience. I received those issues 5 days later in the USA. I also found another builder on Facebook who sold me another six issues. We are making progress!

UPDATE May 16, 2020: I was able to find another 9 issues on Amazon Japan. I also reached out to the various build Facebook groups and now Paul B. in Australia is sending me Issues 75, 76, 77, 79, 80, and 131. Arish Q. in Malaysia said he can get me Issue 92. Laurens V. in the Netherlands is posting me Issues 133, 135, 136, 138, 139, 141, 142, 144, 156, and 157. If all of these issues arrive successfully, that means I am only missing some of the hood box component issues: 134, 137, 140, 143, 155, and the last railroad wheel in Issue 158!

UPDATE June 6, 2020: Today, I received the issues I bought from Paul in Australia. Also today, I received back issues 75-77, 79-80, and 84-86 from Eaglemoss. That means I have a few double issues and will get them posted up to the parts trading Facebook groups soon.

19 thoughts on “At a Standstill”

  1. I’m passing by the same thing, but comparing with your list, i receive some of the issues that you don’t and viceversa,
    these are the issues that i receive since this problem occurs.
    Maybe it could help to make some analysis about this situation or something.

  2. Mine has been bad from the start, I have finally sent them a letter.

    Dear Sir or Madam,

    On the 30th October 2018 I entered into an agreement with your company for the BTTF Delorean (D6000925)
    I received my first issue’s on the 5th January 2019, that was 2 months later & not within the 21 days as specified.
    This continued for the rest of my deliveries with constant delays.
    Every delivery had issues missing, none of them came within the 21 days as specified in your terms.

    Payments are taken randomly.
    10th Dec 2018
    15th Jan 2019
    20th Feb 2019
    28th Mar 2019
    17th Jun 2019 (2 payments)
    19th Aug 2019
    10th Sept 2019
    22nd Oct 2019
    11th Nov 2019
    3rd Dec 2019
    20th Jan 2020

    Most recently it has got worse, as outlined below.

    10th Feb took payment for 73-78
    17th Feb took payment for 79-84
    17th Mar took payment for 85-90

    1st April received 53,60,72,74,75,77, 91
    17th April received 62,67

    As you can see out of the last 3 payments I have received only 3 issues out of 18. The rest are missing issue’s that I am still waiting for.

    Issues that are still outstanding before these last 3 payments are
    Issue’s 23 & 54. I have spoken to your advisors numerous times regards issue 23. These are the gearbox mounts, my gearbox is the manual version (the correct one) I keep on getting the auto box mounts.
    Your advisor’s have given me two solutions. #1. Try and source my own parts. #2. Use the auto box, which would mean completely stripping the engine down. Both of these I am not prepared to do.
    It has now gone beyond a joke, I have been very patient when I have spoken to your advisor’s
    Your Website states (Your satisfaction is guaranteed / build, enjoy and relax) I have not received any of this.

    I am requesting your company upholds your part of the contract within 14 days of this email. I want my issue’s that I have paid for 22,54,73,76,79,80,81,82,82,84,85,86,87,88,89 and 90

    I look forward to your response so we can resolve this

    Yours faithfully

  3. So all said and done, up until this point, do you feel like this car has been worth the money? I’m close to pulling the trigger, but I’m concerned with issues like this one, and the fact that some things just appear to be “cheap”. As someone in the US, getting the mods to get things closer to screen will be at least another $500.

    1. “Worth it” is relative. Can you afford the time/money investment? For me, I really enjoy building these large scale models. I also like that the cost is spread out over a long period of time. Otherwise, my personality would race through the build and be done in a few days/weeks and I think the journey is part of the fun. There are a lot more people building these models than we hear from on Facebook groups or online forums, so everyone’s feelings are surely different. I bet many of these people also don’t care about screen accuracy or the little details (or know the difference), so mods are not a concern for them and they are happy with the stock build. If you are one of those builders like me, who do enjoy going the extra mile on this model, the retail mods and other changes we make to it are a personal decision and only we get to decide how much time/money we want to spend on them. With this website, I go farther than most as I want to help people in their builds and show them how to do some mods along the way, so I am kind of locked in to building the entire thing no matter what.

      As for the concerns around issue availability, that is going to happen. It is not just Eaglemoss, I have the same delays with DeAgostini and Hachette at times. Some delays are short, some can last months or more. Global logistics is not the simplest thing to manage and, with the majority of these partwork models produced out of China, it is a single-point supply chain. The current pandemic just makes it worse. Knowing their could be delays for issues or parts you want to modify (possibly with substantial additional costs), ultimately this is for you to decide if you want a 1:8 scale Back the Future DeLorean on display in your home, not anyone else.

      One final thought: These models end up as display pieces sitting somewhere forever. I have added some details and mods to my build that others will never notice. And, while I may be a BttF fan, people who see the finished model probably won’t know the Flux Capacitor can look different or that the wiring should have tiny zip ties, or that the pucks on the rear deck are not accurate. Those same people could see a totally stock build and enjoy it anyway. Don’t put too much pressure on yourself to satisfy others who wouldn’t know the difference. Do the build/mods your way and within your own means and, above all, enjoy it!

      1. Thanks for the reply!! Initially I wasn’t too concerned with the screen inaccuracies, but I’ve read every part of the build log you’ve done and now I’m obsessed with it! I’ll probably buy the unpainted pieces myself (although the Xmas Tree might be a bit difficult to paint). I suppose by the time I get to the supply issue portions of the build, there’s a chance that the delays may be worked out, after all, it’ll be a while.

        Any plans to try out the Ecto 1? I’m torn on which two to buy, but I’m leaning towards the DeLorean only because it’s been around longer and has more mods and any factory defects have ideally been worked out by now.

          1. Oh shoot!! I totally missed that one. I guess it’s too early to say with any certainty, but if you were to choose one to build strictly off of general quality impressions, which one would you go for?

          2. The quality and attention to detail is similar so far, but we are not that far into the Ecto-1. It also has areas for improvement. However, again, most people outside us detail nuts would ever notice.

  4. Well I went ahead and purchased the intro package last night! Also ordered the magnetic license plate kit, wheel caps, Mr. Fusion Fuel and Dry Transfer mods from Mike. I’ll pick up the rest as I get closer to the steps it’s needed for. Pretty excited! Nice to see that the mods by Rallbart and Adrian Dinca are made here in the US, should be easy to pick those up.

    1. They charged me for another eight issues, supposedly 75-77, 79-80, 84-86. We shall see if they ship.

  5. Hi guys.
    Having problems getting issues too.
    115 to the end of the basic build. I’m not bothered about the bonnet box or track, I just want to get the basic car finished.
    Sure , there’s issues for sale on EBay, but hell £40+!!! No way José! Be cheaper to invest in a 3D printer and make them yourself.
    Everything (apart from the front indicators) works. Every time I installed them and assembled the front end everything else shorted out and did it’s own thing. Can’t see them anyway so left them out.
    EM seem to be chopping and changing the way they work (Ordering, Deliveries, etc) so often, it’s no wonder there’s so many problems.
    I’ll give that Amazon Japan trick a shot and keep plugging away at EM.

      1. I’d like to be put on your wait list for when you go to sell your issues. I’m so sick of the missing issues causing these long delays, but I love the car… so anything would help.

  6. I finally after almost a year began recieving all the issues in between 80-100 I’ve been missing, set out to work on them on my day off, get a couple kits in and bam two left window visors when I need a left and a right to continue, and just like that I’m stuck until Eaglemoss sends me a replacement.

    Despite how frustrating this experience has been so far, I’m very tempted to start the Ecto-1 after I finally finish the Delorean in 2030

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