TFC Switch Mod

Almost daily, I am surprised by the talent of the modding community that has swarmed around the 1:8 scale Back to the Future DeLorean partwork build. Many of us know about the big players like Model Modz and Mike Lane. But, there are other builders (such as Darren Gurney and Bill Will Green) who create other unique mods that bring even more realism and detail to the build. Rafel Lin is one of those builders, and deserves some of the spotlight as well.

Online, Rafel goes by the name Rallbart. He has long had a Shapeways shop full of detailed 3-D printed bits for our models. I have been interested in a lot of those parts for a while. But recently, he has begun selling completed mods.

One of his latest projects is this beautiful replica of the TFC Switch that is typically installed during Issue 43. While the Eaglemoss version is comprised of 3 pieces of plastic with a sticker, Rafel’s is handmade from eighteen different pieces of steel, aluminum, acrylic, and 3-D printed resin. It also includes accurate paintwork and miniature bits that really bring it to life. See for yourself:

When you compare it to the Eaglemoss part, the improvements are remarkable. I found a photo online of the original part to show the differences (I borrowed this photo and will replace it with one of my own when I get the relevant issue):

Original Eaglemoss TFC Switch Box. Image courtesy of

The cost of Rafel’s TFC Switch is €39 plus shipping. It is quite delicate, but the handle turns as expected. If you feel details like these would improve your build experience, reach out to Rafel and pick one up! He can be reached via his YouTube channel and can ship anywhere in the world. It only took about a week to get mine.

Until next time, thanks for visiting!

Special Issue #2

Throughout the subscription build of their 1:8 scale Back to the Future DeLorean partwork build-up, Eaglemoss offered three ‘Special Issues’. These issues were automatically sent and were billed in addition to the monthly subscription.

Special Issue #1 was a collection of graphic novels. This Special Issue #2 is more of the same; another collection of graphic novels titled Back to the Future: Continuum Conundrum. It costs $24.95 USD and is the second volume (issues 6-11) of the IDW Back to the Future Comic Series by Bob Gale, John Barber, and Marcelo Ferreira. Eaglemoss describes it as such:

“Back To The Future co-creator/co-screenwriter Bob Gale returns with all new tales from the twisting and turning timeline that made Back To The Future a, well…. TIMELESS pop-culture phenomenon!

From the Old West forward to the 1980s, from the 21st Century back to the Jurassic Period… and every time in between… Doc, Marty, along with their friends and enemies, embark on time-space continuum adventures of epic proportions!”

The Eaglemoss version is a 74-page full color hard cover book. Inside, the tales continue from the first volume, starting in Spring 1986. It contains stories about Doc being gone and Marty’s reaction, letters from 1893’s Clara, and more. Like the first, it was entertaining and provides more backstory to many of the characters in the Back to the Future universe.

Issues 23-26 Delayed

Well, the transmission pains of the Eaglemoss 1:8 scale Back to the Future DeLorean partwork continue. Eaglemoss previously delayed my Issues 15-18 due to a back order of the manual transmission parts contained in Issue 16. Now, the other relevant parts (the manual transmission mounts in Issue 23) are not available. This will delay my April shipment of issues 23-26. They are expecting a restock within 7-10 days from today, so it could be May before I can get to this part of the build.

However, I am not upset about it at this point. I appreciate the fact that they are trying to ship the correct manual transmission parts to their US subscribers. Other countries got the automatic transmission first and had to tear down the car later when the right parts finally showed up. I understand that logistics can be a nightmare when you don’t control the manufacturing process, so I am giving them a break.

In the meantime, I have signed up for two other Eaglemoss partwork builds that just became available in the US:

Eaglemoss James Bond’s Aston Martin DB5 from the film ‘Goldfinger’:

This car has always been classy to me, even without the 007 extras.

The DB5 should start arriving in early May.

Eaglemoss U.S.S. Enterprise NCC-1701-D from the television show ‘Star Trek: The Next Generation’:

The ‘D’ is my favorite Enterprise. I know this model may have some inaccuracies, but I am looking forward to it all the same.

UPDATE: I spoke with Eaglemoss a week after this post and Issue 23 was still on back order with no ETA (those darn transmission mounts). I did find out that when any issue goes on back order, it does in fact delay the rest of the entire subscription. It effectively puts the build on hold.

UPDATE May 13, 2019: The transmission mounts are still on back order, so the wait continues. I did check on my subscriptions with Eaglemoss and they apologized and generously offered me a 20% discount on all of my remaining issues. I’d say that is worth the delay. And in return, I signed up for another new Eaglemoss build: their 1:8 scale Mercedes-Benz 300 SL Gullwing. This is by far one of my favorite cars!

I saw the real thing when I visited the Mercedes museum in Stuttgart, Germany a couple of years ago:

UPDATE May 31, 2019: Well, the back order is still in place for Issue 23, and now Phase 1 of the 300 SL is also out of stock. What bugs me about these delays is that they put the entire subscription on hold. They do not send any issues at all for as long as the back order exists. So, it could take even more years to finish these things at this rate. I am keeping my fingers crossed they get their logistics under control soon…

UPDATE June 29, 2019: I spoke to Eaglemoss a few more times and Issue 23 is *still* unavailable. However, this time, I was able to get them to skip the issue and continue the subscription with issues 24-27. These should ship next week. I have heard that the missing issue may become available near the end of August and I will be able to get it installed then. Good news is that I did receive Issue 1 of the Mercedes 300 SL and have started another site for it: I also started sites for some other new partwork builds such as:, and

UPDATE July 13, 2019: I was able to purchase an Issue 23 from another builder via a Facebook DeLorean Trading group. I can now continue my build and have posted up all my latest issues. There is still no ETA on when I will get *my* copy of the missing issue from Eaglemoss.

UPDATE August 21, 2019: Eaglemoss finally sent me Issue 23 along with with Issues 32-34.

Mike Lane Again!

Just when you think Mike Lane has done it all, he creates even more! This time around, he has added a few new items for the Mr. Fusion reactor on the 1:8 scale Back to the Future DeLorean partwork model. I quickly ordered two of these new products and will happily add them to my build. I also picked up a set of his Mini Cable Ties in black for some of the interior wiring, but this post is for the Mr. Fusion mods.

Mr. Fusion Vinyl Wrap

As most builders know, the completed Mr. Fusion has three ugly screw holes on the passenger side. Mike has created this vinyl wraparound sticker to cover up these holes and fix the incorrect graphics Eaglemoss used.

Additionally, Mike has also created a Mr. Fusion Transfers kit containing just the graphics in dry transfer format. This is for those builders who want to actually fill, sand, *and* repaint the entire Mr. Fusion. I didn’t want to go this far so I did not order this, but it is there for those who do:

Mr. Fusion Fuel

This product is more of a novelty display item instead of a correction to the model. It consists of the 1:8 scale Miller Lite beer can and a couple of old banana peels as seen at the end of the first film to power Mr. Fusion. Mike also includes a plastic disc that is mounted under the reactor bodywork to keep them from disappearing. These will add a very nice touch to the completed model.

If you are interested in any of these mods, click on over to Mike Lane Mods and pick them up before they disappear!

Check out my updated Issue 04 for my own installation details and more pictures. This is the end result compared to the original: